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  1. Are you still letting your hair grow? Is it weird I want to fuss over it?
  2. How wude.
  3. You do it first... I do it better.
  4. You were just copying me.
  5. Great minds think alike! (I also complimented PepsimanVsJoe on his new avatar.)
  6. Yeah, "moshi moshi" is typically for phone use. You can use "konnichiwa" as a general hello-type greeting, especially if it's somebody you don't know well. Or you can use "hajimemashite" as a kind of "hello and nice to meet you" for people you've never talked to before.
  7. So, in this virtual pet app I get to send messages to Japanese people, which is fun because they type shitty English to me, and I type shitty Japanese to them. I've been using "Moshi Moshi!" as kind of an informal "Hello" but I guess that's a greeting exclusively for the phone? I had a good laugh after learning that, but I wanted to ask if it really sounds ridiculous typing that to someone, or if it's passable? I guess I could ask bbobb if you're not sure.
  8. It's a shame redheads look bad wearing pink, isn't it?
  9. Because I can't stand Finch killing this gif the way he did a few posts ago.

  10. I actually thought about that just the other day!

    You know, it's because of YOU my name isn't still pink.
  11. I bet you still hate me for making fun of your Xbox Live tag.
  12. Read the first volume of Otomen, and it reminded me of you. Main character is a guy who tries to conceal his love of everything girly and feminine, and I guess his father left his mom to become a woman.
  13. k...
  14. I don't hate you! At all! I've just never gotten over the jealously of you and your pink name!
  15. You hate me.
  16. I am curious to know what girl name you want for yourself!
  17. Seriously, I still love you, and always will. But the gross display of bias shown for you around here has unquestionably broken my heart.
  18. OOoooo I like the colors on your profile. I've been thinking about changing mine again.
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