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  1. Thanks, man! And, yeah, papple's birthday game is something else.
  2. Good lord, Pineapple's going to be an impossible act to follow this year.

    So heeeeere's your token "Happy Birthday!"

    Oh god I'm so ashamed...
  3. My pleasure! I have one, too. I love that little guy.
  4. My stepdaughter found the note enclosed with your gift funny. Too funny.

    So you're both grounded.

    Thanks, ARBM. It's a really cool figure!
  5. Thanks! Should you eat any other desserts in my honor, you should know that I am more a pie than a cake man.
  6. Happy Birthday, ARBM. I ate some cake in your honor earlier today.

    Nah I just wanted some cake.

  7. That's Arfoire, one of the antagonists in the Hyperdimension Neptunia series.

    There sure were a lot of eggplants in video games in the 80s.
  8. who is that sexy eggplant lady?
  9. Thanks! The craziest thing I did was allow myself a complete lapse in healthy eating, the byproduct of which wasn't quite newsworthy, but it wasn't far off, either.
  10. Dear ARBM,

    It is my hope that you will do something exceedingly irresponsible and madcap to celebrate the day of your birth. I will periodically be checking the news.

    Your friend,

    No One
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