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  1. Haha I am not a new year baby
  2. ​YES IT IS.
  3. ​or is it?
  5. I checked the going rate of Ninja Five-O after reading bbobb's post. Could not rep you, but feel I need to again thank you for getting that complete copy for me a couple years back! So, thanks!
  6. Kinofu is today really your birthday or are you playing a mean trick?
  7. 3DS, add me: 5215-0683-4738
  8. Want to make good on that offer to buy Project X Zone for ten bucks? I'm ready to tap out.
  9. Love your avatar. My boy downloaded Ninja Gaiden costume DLC in real life.
  10. I do very nasty things to toothbrush, you should be honored.
  11. It isn't????? you used me and betrayed me like one of those one-time-use finger tooth brushes that you might use and later betray.
  12. Firstly, how dare you.

    Secondly, how dare you.
  13. Race Pro is the simmiest (is that a word) racing game on the 360, so you will guarantee to hate it. It is even more dry than Gran Turismo
  14. This is the Samsung PN50B650 (50" Plasma). Bestbuy was clearing them out and I can't even find it anywhere here. You can still order it online and it is awesome. Better value than the B850 now they have at BB for almost 400 more.
  15. o hay buddy! What TV is that?
  16. Thanks... Wow, wtf happened to this page, the color is like dog shit.

    Anyway, TNL has gone to shit too.
  17. My attempts to rep you have been thrice stuffed today.
  18. Ninja Five-O changed my life. I am forever in your debt.
  19. Bit torrent dude... i am watching Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace HD on PS3!
  20. Movies for fr-...the hell? Like new movies? New, free movies?

    ...Shenanigans? Please tell me more!
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