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  1. (fart noise)
  2. Thank you for the birthday wish!
  3. Happy birthday!
  4. doctors like to torture people...
  5. Yeah I feel great now! When they kept telling me it was just a virus and it didn't feel or look like any virus I had, I was worried they were Finching me.

    Glad you're doing better, Fanch!
  6. Did you get better from throwing up? They told me i had a stomach virus too and they were LYING
  7. It's been almost 3 weeks since I've eaten much of anything so probably not quite like that
  8. I hope this is going to be you after you get better soon!

  9. i bet i will really like it
  10. I like that Opus a lot and I hope you do too.
  11. but even if you don't like it i'm curious what you'd think about it. if i was a thousandaire i'd send it to every person i know because i want to know
  12. Take your time! I hope you like it!
  13. Hey, thanks, Finch! I may not be able to dig into it for a couple weeks, but I'm looking forward to it.
  14. add me on steam dude i want to send you that game because i think you'd find it clever and charming and i hate this place so much
  15. here, um, i think you can add me here:
  16. i'm searching for ways to add friends in steam and i'm finding message board topics from 10 years ago

    i'm both relieved and very upset
  17. i barely know how to work Steam. I could barely find the "add friends" option yesterday and i closed the "Oldperson's Guid to the Internet" page that found it for me last time... i'll try again later, just make sure i can add you!
  18. Aw we're not friends
  19. It's arobotbitme I'm looking at it right now! Maybe I set the privacy options to Fuck Off or something...
  20. It says there's no one by that name!
  21. Only to play the old X-COM games occasionally. I do want to play that RPG you've been shilling soon, though. I am pretty sure my name on it is arobotbitme.
  22. are you on the steam
  23. Give it a little longer. It goes back to old songs after a while and some of the remixes and new songs are really good.
  24. !!!

    What do you think of The Best+? I'm disappointed so far. I hope the whole thing isn't babby versions of other games. No squiggly hairs on the onion guy? No GO! GO! GO! for figure fighter?
  25. Really though, if you ever want to play Splatoon or Mario kart or smash or whatever, just tell me a good time. I have a super irregular schedule.
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