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  1. Okay, okay, sunsets, flowers and you. But only because i like you.
  2. Sunsets, flowers, and on me, right???
  3. Pff, i really don't like the color pink in any of its forms. The only two contexts in which i like it (or, rather, accept it) are sunsets and flowers.

    Well, i posted on a handful of threads and am about to check for replies. Hopefully they haven't flamed me a lot.
  4. You know you love my pink profile! It's super cute! Actually, I should probably update it one of these days.

    Anyway, I hope you do have fun on here. It's nice to have you around!
  5. Pink? WAAAAH! *runs around in circles*

    *waves* How are you? It's good to be here! As i told Alicia, i'm still a big newbie but i'll soon learn my way around.
  6. Hey you!
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