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  2. i thought i had! I just added you!
  3. Fanch why won't yuo add me and sen me ur swappnots?
  4. WHAO! Thanks for the Zelda book! This thing is so great! SO MUCH ZELDA.
  6. THANKS BACON! I like it! You should draw more!
  7. Tan Joe B.O. made a toe, Finch. I drew ya somthin'.
  8. That White's Tree frog is TOO FAT.
  9. I love it. I think her voice is perfect.
  10. Hm. It's no "dickydickydickydesu ka?"

    "Pose for the fans" is pretty much a perfect match though, cadence wise.

  11. Wabbadubbadubbis that true?
  12. I KNOW. I want more Shirma, Irma, and gender-swap Croma!
  13. I got Choc'bo Dungeon Wii, but barely played it. I'm not really too big on roguelikes. I'll get back to it sometime though, it has a job system and those card battles from Tales, which are pretty exciting prospects.

    Did you know Japan got a Choc'bo Tales 2? And we didn't? Sadness and anger.
  14. I like that Choc'bo Tales. Did you ever play the Choc'bo Dungeon on Wii?
  15. The guitar is in your miiiiind.
  16. Yah, use it. And yah Eyeshield 21 is still pretty much the best comic ever.
  17. Also, may i use your owl drawing for icarus's website?

    Do you still read that Eyeshield 21? Is it still good? I was just thinking about how enjoyable that series was the other day after Dragon Ball book-reading marathons.
  19. Nano and Hakase are the best.
  20. I don't think the first ep had Mugi. And Mugi is the best. So, yes, I guess.
  21. Bé-kun, does K-on get better after the first episode? Because i hate every character. Does the main girl die somehow? That's what i want to happen.
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