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  1. havent listened to it yet only heard the singles. i plan on it soon. what do you think of it?
  2. Do you like the new album by Muse?
  3. great! how are you stranger?
  4. Cats how have ya been?
  5. go big or go home!
  6. hi! it goes good! hows things in your neck of the woods
  7. How goes it Cat?
  8. hey! great, how are you?
  9. How's it going Cats?
  10. shes a moderator on another forum and it takes all her posting fuel i guess. she still TNLs a bit but not as much.
  11. How come Anne Bonny quit posting?
  12. hi korian!!!! missed you! sis is good! how are you
  13. Hi Catsmeow! How's your Sis?
  14. hey hey!!!! where you at?

    anne and i dont live together, but we live close so i see her a lot.
  15. things are good. i have a short day at work then its to anne's to watch lost. life is good. how are you>
  16. hello!
  17. Samba I'm a Korean and am freaked out by Girls.
  18. Cats you have two Korean Friends!
  19. Hi Catsmeow!
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