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  1. Sweet!

  2. how interesting....account inactive.....

  4. yo yo yooooo.........ur face!
  5. Yo Yo Yo!!!
  6. ps i love you
  8. Well then, I guess I won't. You need to tell Dilly to stop messing with the special needs dog, THAT'S mean yo.
  9. yes but it would make you the meanest person on earth!!
  10. Can I make fun of you for getting bit by a blind dog???
  12. Do you even realize how friggin tempting that is? I hate it out here!
  13. we need another roommate at my house. ditch illinois, move in!
  14. Well, stop dating creepers! You'll lose alot of jewelry if you don't!
  15. that guy was def not bobby. bobby and i still hang out., but he always dissappears for like 2 weeks at a time after we do. im getting sick of that, exploring other options.
  16. Dude, what happened to Bobby? Or was he the guy you were talking about with the ring?
  17. Dude, what a freak. Be careful please. Wait, doesn't that dude have kids? WTF?!?
  18. it was andrew. the alcoholic. should have seen it coming.
  19. Yo, where you at?
  20. I totally googled "I love Bobby"
  21. omg where on earth did you find that
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