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  1. I happen to have two. One is just the system and a complimentary Sonic 2. It is %49.99. The other is complete in the box with all the nerd accouterments and it is $89.99.
  2. Hello!

    Might you have any freshly capped Game Gears for sale? And, if so, how much? Buddy of mine is looking for one.
  3. It was.
  4. Your dad joke game is strong lately.
  5. I know you've been a noob for years and years now, but I thought he got chased out of here early on.
  6. Not only the "literally," but that "Me And My Husband" bit bothers me too. But I'm so out of practice that maybe it shouldn't?
  7. I was referring to the post before yours, which I assumed your post was mocking!
  8. I was doing my best Bonus Kun.
  9. Hey, I get that thinly veiled reference! But let me tag it with a much more obvious line so that I can not only show that I Get It, I can also fill those in who aren't as In The Know as I am!
    Aren't I great?!
  10. I could put that extra Summon Night to use immediately. Didn't even realize it came out; the site said "Winter 2015" as recently as a couple weeks ago.

    How much would you like for it?
  11. your wit deserves an audience larger than what TNL provides.
  12. That thing you did an hour ago that I can't rep? Sooo good.
  13. As I walked towards the building, it took me a minute to figure out what the large box carelessly dumped in front of the store door was.
  14. hi

    I found a Suikoden III poster in relatively good shape (small rip on the top side, little water stain on the bottom left corner) at my parent's house. Would you like it for your tapestore?
  15. I like it!

    Congrats on (almost) finishing your degree, btw!
  16. Basically took Berlin's stance that Romanticism presented the single greatest shift of Western consciousness and ran with it. That allowed me to cover both what influenced Romanticism (or what it was responding to) and then what it then influenced, like, you know...everything since it. I likened it lighter fluid. It burns hot and bright, but is only meant to get the fire started. Kinda corny, but whatevs. Clown college.
  17. What'd you end up going with?
  18. This is for a history class, so there's been no readings of Wordsworth. We were told to pick a subject of history between 1700 and 1900 and I chose Romanticism. This prof is so disconnected from the class, that I don't think I'm married to the thesis. I highly doubt he'd go back to look at what the original thesis was. Regarding that preface, one of the books I've really enjoyed was the transcription of Isaiah Berlin's BBC lectures, The Roots of Romanticism. He called bullshit on Wordsworth's "real language of men." Thanks! You've given me an idea of what to do.
  19. Oh man, that's almost too strong of an argument. Is it possible to narrow it at all, or are you 100% locked in? Could you do something like "[this aspect] of Romanticism was a response to [this aspect] of the industrial revolution." If you are locked in, can you cheat a little by tacking on to the end of your theses an "in particular, the pivot away from the novel toward poetry was a response to the more rapid flow of information," or "in particular, its idealization of the poor was a response to the death of the artisan economy at the hand of textile mills" or whatever causal relationship you're interested in.

    Also, it might be a little late for new research (he said from the library two days before his paper is due), but did you read Wordsworth's preface to the 1802 edition of Lyrical Ballads for your class? He makes the same argument as you, really, from the horse's mouth:

    Also, I would suggest, if you can, focusing on a cause of Romanticism or an effect. To do both is to trace the history of art and philosophy of the Western world from the late 18th to early 20th century in a single paper, which just isn't possible to do without resorting to generalities.
  20. I do know my focus is on the beginning and the effect it had on everything that followed, which seems to be rather enormous.
  21. I honestly don't know where to go. My original thesis was basically "Romanticism was a result of artists pushing back against the mechanical culture of the Industrial revolution." But that's like saying a car runs because you put gas in the tank. There's so much more to it. I'm up to my elbows in Hume, Hamaan, Schilling, and Schlegel. Some sources credit Roussou, some say he deserves little credit since he was always a sophist, he just said his shit romantically, until he didn't. I don't know.
  22. Yes it does! I can pay pal it tomorrow. Thanks!
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