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  1. Ganbare! You can do it~!
  2. i'm up to page 6! It's slow going, but i've never gotten to page 6 before!
  3. Shouganai, finch-shi.
  4. Whoa, false alarm bro.
  5. Dun-aniki, Boshi-dono took Morning Cafe away...
  6. Sugoku kawaiiii!!!!!
  7. Dunlap... because of your suggestion, i am reinvigorated
  8. Dunlap, did you ever watch this when you were a kid?

  9. wai!! supa kawaii finchu!
    really, i like that picture
  10. here is the whole thing, Dunlap
  11. Hap-hap-happy birthday Dunlap!
  12. Dear Dunlap, you need to come to my birthday party at Casa Bonita in Lakewood, CO on March 24th of 2009. You will be there. Please.
  13. i love that owl. i watch that movie just to watch Briar Rose dance with the owl.

    Iiiiiiii knooooooow you, i walked with you oooooonce upoooooon a dreeeeeeeam
  14. Who?
  15. are you back in the states now?
  16. And you bettah not cry!
  17. I come back to the states tomorrow! You bettah watch out!
  18. whooooo?
  19. where did you go
    are you with Compass and Salsashark?
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