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  1. The sketch shows have been off for a while now, although Peep Show did get an amazing final season just a little while ago.
  2. You look great for 105. Happy birthday Doc.
  3. Ha! Nice.
  4. Happy birthday Doc.

    Shit, if I was taking the photos you've been posting lately, I'd feel like every day was my birthday. You look great for 102, btw.
  5. Happy birthday, you magnificent bastard.

  6. Santa Rosa, which is about 45 minutes north of San Francisco. Obviously the first place that comes to mind when you think of legendary gunfighters.
  7. That's bitchin'! Where do you live?
  8. This place just opened up down the street from us. Grabbed a picture while the lady and I were out yesterday.

  9. Layers. 1) Ironplant made another typo 2) I posted a picture thinking he meant 'Mot' 3) It's a funny picture, too! 4) Mot on Star Trek gives advice in great detail on topics he knows little about, like Ironplant!
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