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  1. I was hoping you'd say something about me losing funny.
  3. I finally overtook Y-dog.
    You better watch your ass!
  4. Ah OK! Good one.
  5. I don't get it.
  6. I read the conversation between you and korian.
    It's like watching Fight Club for the second time.
  7. TNL is really pissing me off lately.
    I need to go away for a bit.
    see ya.
  8. It's bad luck just seeing a thing like that.
  9. It shouldn't be such a fun well to keep going back to...but it is!
    Please come back!
  11. Mama don't like you no more. She got a new man. He brings the milk.
  12. butthole.
  13. Reading your posts reminds me of a riverside vacation.
  14. impunity!
  15. I took a picture of my counter with the microwave removed to sell it.
  16. Oh yeah, the fat Turk I did chat up, but there was no action there. Then I saw a lady carrying a microwave down the street and made a story of it.
  17. Thought you fucked some bitch who took your microwave not long ago. OR WAS THAT A WORK?!
    It's easier to just assume you're always pulling some carny trick on us rubes.
  18. No. This is actual, genuine, real Doc shit here. I haven't gotten laid since the fall of 2008 and I haven't been on a date since the summer before that.

    Ninja be rusty.
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