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  1. You have been absent from fightmans for far too long, I must request your prompt return to the ring as I realized random people are awful and no fun to play with.
  2. I cant send messages anymore in SFV
  3. Happy Birthday to the fightingest man I know! A true gentleman!
  4. I'm going to try again later, hopefully it'll unfuck itself and we can continue the jam.
  5. Sorry about that, Steam just up and shit the fucking bed for no reason. Still not connecting...
  6. Happy Birthday sir!!
  7. Hey I meant to come on here and say this right after it happened, but good fight a month or so ago in USF4! If you ever want to throw down in some Endless I'm always looking! I sent you a friend request on Steam, we could get a Hawk mirror going on lol
  8. Happy Birthday kedawa!!!
  9. Happy Bday dude!!!
  10. Just noticed your reply in the iOS thread from over a month ago, and yes I have a screen protector on there which I figured may be the issue. It hasn't happened since, but I've played significantly less so as to help that be the case. In any event, thanks for answering!
  11. Gotya, yeah I haven't really tried posting much on there, seems like a fairly closed off community. In other news:

  12. Hey kedawa do you post on SRK? I just recently joined and was looking around and saw someone on there with your name exactly, just wondering if it was you
  13. Happy Birthday sir!
  14. Happy birthday dude!
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