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  1. Happy Birthday good sir! Hope it's of the highest calibur!
  2. Happy Birthday man! I would come bake you a cake but it's also my woman's birthday and I just can't go around making all these goddamn cakes so willy nilly!
  3. Happy Birthday you classy mofo! <3
  4. Oh man I almost forgot to check the bottom of the page today, a few more minutes and it would have been too late! Happy Bday good sir, I will devote myself to modding a stick in your honor
  5. Happy Birthday Gohan! Cheers to you my friend!
  6. What an asshole!
  7. Don't get me wrong, I'm an asshole too. I just look like a nice guy next to all the other assholes!
  8. Thanks for answering my question homie, you are a gentleman among assholes.
  9. Happy Birthday man! Hope it's a fantastic one and hey I heard they were doing fireworks tonight in your honor! Thats without a doubt the only reason for fireworks tonight, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise...
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