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  1. Yellow would be intermediate I guess.

    I find that the younger kids at our gym are amazing because they need so much less grip strength to hold up how little they weigh. If I weighed 80 pounds less but was as strong as I am I'd be the best climber in the world. Those little kids are monsters because of how little they are, I'm telling ya.
  2. Haha well a few things about climbing. One an Orange means nothing to me because every rating scale everywhere is different! Which makes it hard to really translate. For Instance my gym has Rec, Intermediate, Advanced, and Open.

    But yeah these guys are amazing climbers and have been doing it for a long time. There's a 14? year old at my gym who is amazing and I think placed 7th nationally in a youth competition. But it's so much fun and if you're ever out in Denver we'll definitely do some climbing.
  3. Fuck I feel shitty about my climbing after the first few minutes of that video. I went today and almost finished an orange and felt like god... now not so much.
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