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  3. geen, you in boston?
  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Evil Geen is also me! >_< I want to get "Salohcin Geen" deleted.

    Also... Evil Geen shares your birthday!
  6. ..! I believe I will do this.
  7. It's only $10 on that eBay. I think you should do it! I really enjoyed reading the Sonic one.
    I have to warn you though, the menus in that game were pretty hellish. At least that's what i remember that i didn't like.
  8. I was thinking about picking up Legend of the River King for the PS2 and doing another series of blog posts around it. I'm still playing with that idea...
  9. It just happened to have good fishing.
    Legend of the River King was pretty cool! Despite being ugly and buggy i really liked it.
  10. So I guess the real question would be, do you play BoF for it's fishing excellence or for everything else?
    Maybe I should go play Legend of the River King...
  11. Breath of Fire 3 really isn't that good, but the fishing was awesome. Breath of Fire 4 was much better but the fishing was not as fun.
  12. The second video sounds great, btw. Love it.
  13. I had not heard of Nanashi no Game before, but that looks really interesting!
    If it's made by Square Enix as the end of that first video sad, then maybe there is a chance for a localization. Probably a slim chance, but I'll stay hopeful!

    Thanks Finch!
  14. Also, if you're anything like me, you can't get enough of the Nanashi no Game rpg theme.

    This version's fantastic, Piano + Melodica + Recorder
  15. Have you heard of Nanashi no Game? It's like that Majora's Mask thing, but really a game! Doesn't look like it'll ever come out here though.

  16. If I could send you rep in the Spirit Tracks thread, I would! Instead I'll just hoo here.

  17. Haha! I know! Can't wait for NY Comic Con to see what they show~! :3
  19. Thanks, Finch!
    I was reading the block of text at about midnight last ngiht. I had been up since 6 and was dead tired (Didn't sleep well the night before, was emotionally drained, etc). Just reading the text was kind of spooking me out. I watched the videos this morning and, while creepy, didn't spook me as much.

    Either way, I'm curious as to what happens next. :3 It's funny how, even at 28, Goosebump-esque stories still catch my attention.
  20. I was completely going to rep you on that avatar, but i can't! It's awesome anyway.

    This is juvenile, but i was watching those videos alone at the work warehouse last night and was completely creeped out. The work warehouse is big, empty, really quiet, and late at night it gets a little spooky anyway. It doesn't help that people frequently sleep in our loading dock and i've had raccoons and chipmunks come in the door at night!
  21. Does Gabe & Tycho know you as well?
  22. I dropped by your profile page to tell you that I passed your score in Mr.Driller Online! and then I find out that you were banned for something! What were you banned for?
  23. Game of the Forever
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