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  1. Of course buddy, hope you had a great time!
  2. Thanks, Pineapple!!
  3. Happy Birthday Geeeeeeeen!!!
  4. Geen! Hey my computer's been down but I was gunna let you know hopefully I get your game sent out today, it took me a hot minute to find a place to cash your MO lol. But yeah on my way to work I hope to stop by the PO and mail it out to ya. Thanks again buddy!
  5. Hey man no problem hope it was a great one!
  6. Thanks, Pineapple!
  7. Happy Birthday buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks, Pineapple! Hope you had a great Black Friday! It's only once a year!
  9. Thanks Pineapple!
  10. Well good for you then, that's a good man right there. I'll try and get the MO sent out to you soon, I doubt I will be able to do it today but soon!! Can't wait to try the game I only heard good things about it.
  11. In reply to your rep comment - hahahaha... But, also, I'm not upset that my soon-to-be-ex is dating, it just rubbed me the wrong way at first that I found out through friends and the internets rather than directly from her. But, hey, more power to her. I wish her nothing but happiness.
  12. Ah, very good. ^__^
    And, yeah, enjoy yourself with the code! It wasn't up for redeeming when I had it.
  13. Oh we're even as far as I know, it was more of a "here's to" future business, since we seem to have a good standing relationship in terms of trades. And yes I will use that code, didn't know if you used it already.
  14. Awesome! Glad you had a good time with it! Don't forget to redeem the code that came with it - it'll score you the new(ish) Red Faction (I think).
    Also, what else do you have to pay me for? Future business is always great, but I thought we were even at this point. ^^;
  15. So glad you got it, and I just finished the game today. Thanks again, I loved playing it, twas a jaunty romp through deathville! And as always I will try to get you paid as soon as I can! Future business, ahoy!
  16. Your money order came last week, sir! Thanks for the speedy payment!
  17. That's way to funny not to rep. Go post that somewhere lol
  18. Awesome possum! Thanks, Pineapple! Time to spend it all on moon pies and penny whistles!
  19. Arite bossman, your $$$ is in the mail as of yesterday!
  20. Hoot! I'll start working on some blue prints! Hooot!
  21. GEEN!!! I finally got LBP so make that level of amazing rudeness so I can get it on the DL! HOOT!
  22. You struck again! Also, go check the owl society of rudeness.
  23. One month anniversary of the last time I left you a profile message! HOOT!
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