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  1. Thank you for the famicom games!

    Arcadia is Captain Harlock's Battleship in the Harlock series...It's a battleship... It could almost be called "Princess Battleship". It's real. it's real...
  4. She's really cute. I just want to hug her (and hope she doesn't snap my neck)
  5. i drew a picture of her a while ago
  6. Men who don't like bugs are no men at all.
  7. Where you always find these old toys, Ironplant?
  8. I really like Fe 26. It's a good name.
  9. Hi Ironplant. This is hard to read. Please come to my birthday party at the Casa Bonita in Lakewood, CO on March 24th of this coming year. Guh. It's hurting my eyes so bad.
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