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  1. I wished she would have ran. I voted Rubio, because I have a good job and want stability (turns out he's not as moderate as I thought). I really don't want Hillary being that 'slow & steady' choice.
  2. Because she's sticking it to their corporate overlords and interfering with The Free Market™. This is why a bunch of establishment Democrats like Wasserman-Schultz hate her and have joined the right in torpedoing the Consumer Protection Bureau, too.

    The Tea Party and Libertarian pockets of the right have actually worked with her quite a bit, though. Rand Paul in particular has played ball with her a lot. Her law (struck down by R's in the House) that would have allowed those with existing student loans to refinance at today's lower interest rates was co-sponsored by McCain iirc.
  3. Oops, That was in response to Yoshi's bootstrap post
  4. That's what I thought. So, he gets his nose busted in both movies. Nice.
  5. Bloodsport
  6. Is your Av from Bloodsport or Kickboxer?
  7. O!
  8. No. No joke. I saw you post in BrBa and your screen name being five syllables and thought it'd be cool for bleak sci-fi haiku. The gang turned it into a joke haiku battle.
  9. O. I thought it was a joke about me editing my posts all the time.

    I guess it was a joke about me being sad.

  10. I don't get it. I shouldn't haves edited at all. I went back to the original anyway.
  11. It would have worked better if you edited it 45 minutes later.

    But lol just the same!
  12. Getting paid to take pics of and potentially cleave 19-y-o butts.
  13. Mmmm spank material!
  14. I think perhaps an over-developed DIY attitude is part of the most problem. Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson literally agreed on every issue during the debate. They're basically running on the same platforms, cannibalizing each other's funding and votes. If some of these people checked their egos and sought the assistance of like-minded people instead of representing nonsense tickets like the Justice and Constitution parties, that would be a step in the right direction.
  15. Yeah he did. Here was my full facebook post:

    Ugh. I just watched the third party debate. Larry King was there moderating, but the coordination was poorly done. So poor, that the opening statements were initially skipped -- obviously due to no rehearsals, nor a mention even in Kings notes! At first, everyone was passionately yelling their points during the allotted time and thus looked more like 'downtown dude on the corner soapbox' than President of the United States.

    I agree with every one of Gary Johnson's policies and prior to tonight was sure to vote for him. But... in this 'debate' he's yelling like a lunatic. And Virgil Goode sounds like a cagey mean-old-bastard from the mountaintop. Stien and Anderson fared better, and everyone calmed down and talked rationally several minutes in. But overall, it was embarrassing. I can't vote for these people. They don't seem Presidential.

    This is the second decade of the 21st century, an age where we've mastered DIY attitudes and no cost operations through the tools of the web and social media. Why on Earth can we not have a solid third party to contend with the machine of billionaire and corporate, SuperPAC backed Democrats and Republicans??
  16. Johnson got his shit together about halfway through and spoke lucidly of his advocacy for the resurrection of the phrase "to the tune of!" That's a platform I can get behind.
  17. I tried to rep you for your post about Before the Devil Knows You're Dead's opening shot, but dropped my phone in a paralyzing fit of lust recalling P.S.H.'s velvety cheeks.
  18. According to Belgian folklore, he eats swear words and mean older brothers
  19. Welcome back!
  20. Doctor Holiday I saw a movie I think you would really enjoy it is Peeping Tom if you have not already seen it but you probably have but if you haven't you should in my o.
  21. Hay, doc. I think you would really like Repulsion based on KTMR and what you said about Revanche and KitW. It wasn't for me but it's very much for you!
  22. I'm diggin' your Gaming Discussion schtick.
  23. You know who posted about Nazis?
  24. You're on a roll today.
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