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  1. i'm glad you're liking it more now...

    i kind of want to play through it again
  2. Puppeteer started getting really fun about halfway through the second act. I'm digging it hard now.

    The turning point was the princess's fireworks onomatopoeia.
  3. I thought you might be the type of fella who could enjoy looking at these pretty things, especially given This Girl's connection to That Movie by That Guy that you like.
  4. I don't think it's terrible, but my mind could change with a few more giant dungeons full of creatures that make a beeline for me after i went just far enough to respawn the stupid things.
  5. Man, not even photographs can capture Bill Murray's 1989 hairline as well as HAL Laboratories did in twenty monochromatic pixels.

  6. that pixel bill murray...
  7. THANKS FOR THE REVELAITONS! Now i will be able to play Professor Layton's most fearsome adventure YET.
  8. y, thank u!
  10. I want to say DQIII GBC.
  11. Who would win in a fight: DQIII GBC, FFIII DS, or FFV GBA?
  12. So THIS is the power of the Monaaaaado.
  13. Ok. Let's not lose our heads, though
  14. because you hate all those games i really like!
  15. Nah, I saw him in a play. I would still be in a hospital or prison if he talked to me.
  16. JEALOUS. Did he talk to you?
  17. I got to see P.S.H. in real L, finch. He was majestic.
  18. I thought Donk Donk was one of the easy perfects! Monkey Watch... now that's one i'd probably throw the Wii remote through the television over.
  19. I would advise against trying. It made me hate something I love. I said some things to Donk Donk for which I wonder if he'll ever forgive me.
  20. I don't know if i'll be able to get all perfects. Those remixes are tough!
  21. Haha, yeah, that's the one

  23. What is it? What are you trying to show me? It's not loading...
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