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  1. It wasn't as involved as last year's, and for that I am sorry. This one had all the same love behind it, though!
  2. I had been looking forward to pineapple birthday wishes all day! Thanks, friend!
  3. Happy Birthday my dude. Furreal.
  4. Well I think I missed it last year, and that was totally uncool so reparations were in order. Hope it was a great one, and that a great weekend ensues!
  5. I knew I could count on you, buddy. Your birthday game is something else.

  6. On this day, we congregate to celebrate the passing of your infant form through the gaping maw that is your mother's vagina. Surely not the last time the old girl saw such mighty girth, although subsequent performances would have featured a reverse maneuver. May I congratulate you on being the deftest sperm of your batch, I'm very glad it was you who made first contact.

    A Happy Day, indeed.

  7. Yes yes very soon, I was surprised you were all on so late last time!! But I'm pretty much down whenever, hit me up any time you want to beat on somebody!
  8. Thankyouheavymachinegun. Street Fighter soon?
  9. Happy Birthday good sir!!!
  10. DANGIT, for real?!? I didn't even bother to look at that part, I used the assume method to determine that since I could play one JCave game I could play them all, and now I am sad... and apparently I'm genital fruit. WOE IS ME!
  11. Noice. Enjoy!
  12. HEY! Just got the mail, and a lovely little package! Thank you my friend, you are the bee's knees.
  13. Yeah. Haven't been able to really dig into it yet, but it's definitely better than Blaz so far.
  14. HEY! Have you tried out P4A yet? I've been watching videos and it looks pretty slick, and I am actually starting to feel bad that I haven't played it yet. IS IT WORTH A DAMN?!?!
  15. Thanks, blood.
  16. Happy Bday duuuuuuuuuude!
  17. I'm not good at all yet, only really tried with a couple of characters so far, but it's pretty fun. Would you care for some matches, sir?
  18. How do I Soul Calibur? I can't play this game very well.
  19. Hey no problem! I'm hopefully going to pick up KoF one of these days and give it a shot, at which point I'll be happy to join you for some solid beatings.
  20. Sorry for regretting your invitation, bro. I'm playing KoF with some buddies. You're welcome to come by!
  21. It's a messed up world we live in, my friend. Kittens don't help a damn thing.
  22. I would advise against that, pineapple! It is a malignant and hateful thing. It saps one of his capacity to love. I look at kittens now and am like "fucking whatever, man."
  23. I have to say, going back and rereading your proreview of Journey in the completion thread is just as wonderful as the first time. I wanted to try it, but you have convinced me that it may in fact give me an art attack. Which apparently only causes mild paralysis, so I may still bite the bullet in this one Oh, and goddamnit that I can't rep it again. I would rep it every day forever.
  24. Yeah the Estus Flasks are a HUGE improvement over the different grasses of Demon's, and like nearly everything they are upgradeable to where they restore more health, you can increase the amount any given bonfire gives you, and the animation for drinking them is long enough that you can punish a lot of people who try to use it online. And not having an item burden is such a wonderful little thing, it means everything is always available to you instead of having to access a storage unit every time you want something. Hopefully you finish with Batman soon, I'll be very interested to see what you think of the game after several hours!
  25. I thought Demon's Souls was a diamond in the rough. It sounds like this one is a lot more refined (refillable healing items, no ridiculous hub, better inventory management, etc). I'm anxious to crack into it, but I cannot. Stop. Playing. Batman.
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