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  1. Oh yeah, I like those dudes too. Have you heard of Turf Talk? West Coast Vaccine is such a good album check it out if you haven't already.
  2. Try Yukmouth, E-40, Damn there's so many legends out of Cali.
  3. Oh man, Mobb Deep's my favorite. I like some southern hip hop too and a little bit of west coast rap. I live in CA, so I've been surrounded by west coast music, but I never got into it too heavily. I think Lil B's the only rapper from here that I listen regularly. He's unlike any other California rapper though. He's sort post-modern and he alienates a lot of hip hop fans with his approach to music. Also I don't think most of his fans understand what he's trying to do either.
  4. I'm partial to West Coast, South, Midwest, but I like me some G-Unit, Jay Z, Mobb Deep, I prefer LLyod Banks over Yayo.
  5. Do you listen to Tony Yayo? Or any New York rappers? I love NY hip hop.
  6. So no reunion? I like Eminem, the Game, Chamillionaire, 2Pac, Young Jeezy, TI, Lil Wayne, Kanye the list goes on.
  7. According to Wikipedia Droopy McCool disappeared, Sy Sootles attempted a solo career, and Max Rebo became a famous chef. So, unfortunately no reunion.
    Hey you like hiphop right? Who do you listen to?
  8. Have you gotten the band back together?
  9. I'm think we are going to be great friends.
  10. Hi. You have the best threads second only to the occasional political discussion in Sound Off.
  11. Hey Rebo!
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