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Welcome to TNL 4.1

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One thing that The Next Level has always had in abundance is deep community involvement. From its humble beginnings to its modest present-day existence, a tightly knit group of informed enthusiasts has been the backbone of what TNL is all about.

With this latest round of improvements (some of which are still not live as of this writing), the goal is tripartite.

First off, we want to capitalize on all the talent in our forums and give our members new ways to express and enjoy themselves. Even before "social networking" became the buzzword (or religion) that it is, TNL was a place to keep up with your friends and to learn about games, movies, and current events through the filter of community. No matter how big or little a happening, from man landing on the moon to natural disasters to fun and games, an important part of any event is going beyond what the experience was to who it was experienced with.

Secondly, we would like to see an influx of new members. After all, if the new generation of gamers is to come into its own, it will benefit from an environment built on experience, humor, and intelligence. Giving the site added functionality increases its desirability as a destination for all gamers.

Finally, the new blog and news sections provide a better way to serve the industry - to show off trailers, to keep readers on top of sales, and to report developments big and small.

So get comfortable in your chair, play a game, write a blog, share a video, start a chat. Read, learn, laugh, and enjoy.

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Updated 17 Jun 2010 at 06:58 PM by Nick

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  1. YellerDog's Avatar
    I am pleased with a lot of the new options! The attachment feature is amazing now, and I look forward to messing with the blogs.

  2. Calliander's Avatar
    I went to work and came back and the new stuff is growing on me. We Mean Business is thumbs-up for sure.
  3. dog$'s Avatar
    [11'37"37] <Schlep> anyone else notice the post volume on TNL went way down after the 'upgrade'
    [11'38"19] <Schlep> It not only looks like Got Next now, it has their post count too


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