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Oh happy day.

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I hate Vista. Windows Vista is the biggest piece of horse dong that was ever crapped out of MS. Serious. Vista has been giving me problems for over a year. It all came ahead about two weeks ago when it decided to update more security holes. So, what happens? They install. I restart ... and then everything from Windows Photo Gallery to MS Office ... stops working, loading, etc. Yeah seems I have a virus. From where?


So, I try and overwrite it by Installing Windows 7. Bad move. Now the damn thing sticks on the Completing Install screen. I boot from the DVD and still nothing.

Yeah, so I basically write off my old Dell Seagate HDD and buy a new Western Digital 500 gb HDD for 65 bucks from Best Buy. Well worth it. Then I install Windows 7 Ultimate and now everything is sweet as hell.

Now I wonder if I can still get the info off my old HDD. Its a SATA. And the new one is a SATA. Issue is I see only one power cord. And that one is attached to my Western Digital.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joust Williams
    FYI about your avatar.

    Gaming died years before then.
  3. kingoffighters's Avatar
    I agree Vista sucks but it sounds like you have a hardware issue.
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    There are cables you can buy that allow you to use an internal HD as an external one via USB.


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