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hi everybody.
i know i sound crazy but to be honest i just don't know much bout well a girl who stopped at the stop sign while walking (oh that was one time as i was lost in my own thoughts & didn't realize i am walking as accident happens) how can she walk thru an entire game, right. well i joined this site just bcause of my boyfriend. he doesn't want me to as if he owns this site. just being racist as according to him those who doesn't know anything about game shouldn't come to this site at all. so what at least i can write a blog (i think so). when he gonna read this he gonna be BIG TIME pissed at me.
i know more than half of you might be thinking why or what the hell am i doing here. why don't i go write somewhere else. thats because i don't know where n how. i see him writing here so i started too and there's one more damn good reason i joined and thats... maybe i will tell u later.
you know what; i even know that i could even get deleted off of this site or might get blocked cuz i have seen people who knows bout the games doing this to other people who doesn't know much. to me thats discrimination and racism.

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  1. Doc Holliday's Avatar
    LOL! blog of the year! A++
  2. Finch's Avatar
    Maurizio is a meanie. His potty mouth belies his heart.
  3. Opaque's Avatar
    Pretty sure you have no idea what racism is.
  4. cka's Avatar
    racism is prejudice towards racing games
  5. Fe 26's Avatar
    Tits or GTFO
  6. its me's Avatar
    why don't you go fuck uorself.
  7. Finch's Avatar
    I like that answer.
  8. Space Pirate Roberts's Avatar
    Why does she think he asked?
  9. Advocate's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Finch
    I like that answer.
    She's got spunk. Keep her ... waste the dude.


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