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LB log - 20131026

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The new IRS A2A client came in the mail today, and it appears that I won't have to go through some mystifying process of compiling the Visual C++ or Java source code myself; that's something which I couldn't manage to do, as it didn't seem that I had the resources required to do it, so I've been using Version 1.0 for several years now. The physical label on the disc is a proper printed screen and not handwritten with a dry erase marker, so I feel a bit confident in this version being more useful.


18580301 10:00:00

HSF #1.0065

D1 reporting progress on weaponry request. A telescoping facsimile of the Starr carbine has been achieved, in respect only of contraction of the barrel - the fully extended length of 21 inches can now be contracted to a dimension of 2.5 inches with the activation of a trigger. The resultant net difference in weapon length is 37.5 inches unaltered, and 19 inches contracted. Trials of 100 rounds fired with the rifle with contraction and protraction activated after each shot has yielded acceptable results with no degradation of performance which is significantly different than the control unaltered Starr carbine.

While the target has been achieved within the projected time frame and the reduction of weapon length is significant, it is of our opinion that this device is not presently advantageous over the unaltered rifle. The firing mechanism still requires each shot to be individually loaded by hand with the paper cartridge system, which essentially nullifies the utility of this weapon beyond a single shot. The present weapon also retains its shoulder support in its original state, which also severely reduces its efficacy in being an object which can be concealed. P3 suggests a telescoping shoulder support to be developed if this weapon is to be requested for further development. Further research and design would be desirable to make the fully contracted rifle take an appearance of something which resembles another tangible item; the current most common suggestion, on the basis of the contracted rifle's physical dimension and property (both current and proposed), is to have the object take the form of a tin can, as is used for food preservation.

A similar telescoping mechanism was attempted with a prototyped Remington New Model, which was forged on the basis of leaked production information, but the reduction of barrel length was not as significant; its 8 inch barrel length could also only be reduced to 2.5 inches, which would result in the entire handgun having a length of 8 inches. In our opinion, this reduction is not a particularly significant reduction of weapon length.


Songs. The new additions have their baseline entries completed. A few more decent songs are here, like 迦具土 and 追億の森. Meanwhile, songs like X300 were spastically nuts, 月とともに was some weird remix of Mendes, and 恋のバンドネオン is one of the worst things I've ever heard. I had a bit of time to fill the normal allotment at the end, and the first thing that comes up is that one overblown song N U Clear, so I flushed that and get Deviations instead; and my reward for playing that is the first fail I have recorded for it. Sweet. Honey felt a little better. I look forward to resuming normal play tomorrow.

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date	
volcano			32.71 E		1616.F	544.528.749.310.883	0023	2470	1174	110.39	2013-10-27T00:13:48:035Z

waterlife		47.77 C		1914.F	682.550.460.106.375	0102	2003	0891	124.80	2013-10-27T00:17:57:147Z

x300			50.78 C		1422.F	532.358.297.62.289	0109	1400	0780	079.48	2013-10-27T00:21:55:619Z

迦具土-f.l.a.mix-	44.80 C		2589.F	886.817.790.170.562	0140	2889	1278	126.05	2013-10-27T00:31:20:892Z

月とともに			29.15 E		1593.F	532.529.789.221.1184	0057	2732	2110	029.47	2013-10-27T00:36:14:083Z

幻月夜			74.88 A		1276.P	530.	0096	0852	0458	086.02	2013-10-27T00:40:28:580Z

桜華月			47.16 C		1728.F	628.472.425.128.491	0068	1832	1135	061.40	2013-10-27T00:45:42:074Z

星の器 			36.06 D		2005.F	664.677.806.296.1007	0113	2780	1756	058.31	2013-10-27T00:51:01:884Z

竹取はっぴリミックス		30.03 E		2037.F	664.709.1059.484.1363	0112	3391	1502	125.76	2013-10-27T00:59:00:215Z

追億の森			74.06 A		1831.F	734.363.96.20.80	0365	1236	0814	051.84	2013-10-27T01:07:05:091Z

伝承の詩			57.39 B		1583.F	557.469.261.393.114	0159	1379	0697	097.84	2013-10-27T01:14:00:362Z

恋のバンドネオン		39.36 D		1792.F	620.552.543.296.740	0077	2276	1191	091.09	2013-10-27T01:21:10:919Z

恋わずらい		29.57 E		1565.F	512.541.806.343.1098	0022	2646	1246	112.35	2013-10-27T01:29:52:202Z

deviations @		70.82 A		1282.F	481.320.82.4.28		0296	0905			2013-10-27T01:42:53:140Z
4/5			02.65-		0048-

honey @			59.73 B		1553.F	579.395.239.22.130	0116	1300			2013-10-27T01:47:10:306Z
0/8			02.61-		0068-

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