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LB log - 20131029

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I should stop having Tuesdays like this, where I sleep in for the majority of the day and feel adrift and aimless once the motions of dinner and post-dinner gaming are done. It turns a week of four days work with three days rest into a five day routine week with two days of ultimate freedom.


18640512 06:44:19

North 84th Street, Q block, eastbound

When he saw the freight wagon approaching, Exeter instinctively turned his back to the roadway and nodded his head downward as he went through the motions to tend to his horse. With that temporary glance, he was able to confirm that the rider was indeed a younger man, something of a teenager, and that he was taking his time in bringing the shipment to Garrey's Wholesale. Once it was close enough for him to hear it, the pace of the horse was a light trot which was no faster than a heartbeat, and the wagon's wheels creaked along in its wake. Once it had fully past him, Exeter looked around the street to see what kind of crowd he would have to keep in mind, and saw that there were few other people in the open at this point of the morning. He let a few more moments pass before he removed the horse's tether from the post and climbed into the saddle. A sharp click from his mouth compelled the horse to back up, and his hand on the girdle directed it to curve out and eventually face the freight wagon. He brought the horse to a pause, and took the moment of stasis to gather his wits. He would have one chance to get this to work, and that chance was better to do before he would be in the middle of the next intersection with QA street.
Exeter kicked the sides of his heels into the horse's body and smacked its hide with his sheathed sword. The horse sprang forward and dashed as quickly as its legs could muster. Exeter commanded the sword to appear and the sheathing folded around and curled into the blade. He held the sword against his body with the point facing to his left, and he approached the wagon from its left side. The distance between the quickly shrank, and Exeter flexed his grip around the sword as he approached the front of the wagon. Finally, he was within sight of the seat and looked to his right; in the brief moment that their eyes made contact, he saw the young man staring back at him. Exeter swung his right arm to his right. The sword cleanly cut through the man's neck and left a trail of blood specks on the blade which dripped onto the rear quarters of the horse as he finished the swing.
Both horses came to a sudden stop with a noisy protest coming from Exeter's ride as he snapped the reins back with his left hand and resheathed the sword with his right. He quickly dismounted, dashed to the saddlebag, and withdrew the two garment bags from within. He walked over to the stopped wagon and noticed that the man's head had managed to fall to the ground, and was laying near the footstep to the riding cab where his headless body was lying in a sunken heap towards the center of the compartment. Exeter gingerly picked the head up by a tuft of hair that he could grasp with his fingers and tossed it upwards towards the body before he climbed aboard. The head spun in the air which caused the hair to flail out before it landed on top of the body. Exeter wasted no time in placing the first garment bag at the feet of the fallen man and curled the opening of the sack around its feet so that he could make quick work of wrapping the bag around the body, and eventually managed to do so after taking some moments to pause and sharply pull at the opening of the bag to force the body to collect itself inside. Once the body and head were fully within the first bag, he opened the second bag to wrap around the top of it and stabbed his fingers around the body's weight to complete the concealment. Exeter looked to the bottom of the bag and saw no pool of blood dripping through the floor of the cab or collecting at the body's feet. He assumed that the towels that he had placed in bags beforehand were doing their job to contain the leaking blood, but he wasn't about to inspect his handiwork to confirm that suspicion. He stepped down from the cab and went over to his horse; after a pat on its head and a scratch behind the ears, which he did with the back of his hand rather than the blood soaked fingertips, he pointed to its rear and called out "Go!". The horse followed the command and went about to return from the post where they were at just earlier.
Exeter resumed his seat inside the cab of the freight wagon and looked around in front of him as he prepared to take control. He noticed two men who were visible in the open; one was directly in front of him at the same side of the road and in front of a store, and another was across the road to his left. Both of the men turned their heads away once they noticed that he was looking at them. Exeter also took a moment to inspect the windows of the upper floors of the buildings within sight and didn't notice anyone standing to spectate or any curtains which were out of position. He looked to his side and noticed a streak of blood had splattered on the front facing of the wagon; in response, he tugged at the top garment bag and wiped the blood around until it had smeared into a faint swirl that was not easily visible despite the white coat of paint lying underneath.


Songs. Opening with Raspberry Heart probably wasn't the best idea if I wanted to not have a horrible score to start the day, but it happened and that's the result. Another missed record chance with the fail of Crymson right at the end. Considering I have all of three plays recorded with it, the opportunity to rectify that should come with the next time the song comes around. I thought I had a record of Tangerine Stream entered at least once on file, but such wasn't the case. I know I skipped it a bunch of times, and I did that because I know the song is very easy and that Extra Mode didn't add anything to it, but I thought I would have had a baseline in place at least.

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
raspberry heart @	53.94 C		1518.F	518.482.278.35.173	0106	1407			2013-10-30T00:48:27:265Z
0/7			14.64-		0412-

gradius high speed @	63.17 B		1357.P	489.379.183.2.39	0250	1074			2013-10-30T00:51:15:808Z
4/5			01.81-		0039-

dont be afraid myself @	59.86 B		1657.F	627.403.254.31.140	0124	1384			2013-10-30T00:54:04:171Z
0/7			04.33-		0120-

アップダウン峠 @		25.38 E		1639.F	509.621.1057.421.1534	0078	3228			2013-10-30T00:57:36:721Z
0/6			02.80-		0181-

trip machine phoenix @	69.41 A		1287.F	499.	0158	0927			2013-10-30T00:59:57:500Z
0/5			00.70-		0013-

crymson @		70.09 A		0729.F		0219	0520			2013-10-30T01:02:10:847Z
1/3			02.30+		0024+

luv to me ucchies @	71.70 A		1229.P	472.		0199	0857	0826	003.75	2013-10-30T01:05:42:135Z
6/9			01.11+		0019+	4+11+14-3-1+		0043+				2013-04-15T03:46:20:272Z

superstring theory @	46.92 C		3247.F	1133.981.835.192.665	0142	3460			2013-10-30T01:11:14:983Z
0/6			00.75-		0052-

tangerine stream @	80.65 AA	0321.P		0199	0199	0199	0	2013-10-30T01:15:23:536Z

星屑天秤 @		49.68 C		2823.F	995.833.539.215.595	0103	2841	1335	112.80	2013-10-30T01:19:36:928Z
0/3			03.73+		0212+	53+106+68-18-80-	0053+				2012-08-07T01:03:33:249Z

back into light vocal @	42.30 D		2090.F	748.594.672.160.615	0042	2470			2013-10-30T01:23:38:313Z
0/10			00.04-		0002-

flowers for albion @	77.47 A		0344.P		0222	0222			2013-10-30T01:28:38:103Z
8/8			03.37-		0015-

clione H14 @		77.35 A		0738.P		0346	0477			2013-10-30T01:32:23:680Z
3/3			01.36-		0013-

反逆のパルスィ @		38.06 D		2347.F	820.707.805.322.1120	0174	3083			2013-10-30T01:38:45:680Z
0/11			01.83-		0113-

in motion @		72.01 A		1361.P	520.321.84.7.36		0156	0945			2013-10-30T01:43:32:215Z
4/6			00.89-		0017-

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