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LB log - 20131030

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Two years ago, my wife obtained a 1.5TB hard drive which was given to me as a Christmas gift for use in my older Win XP machine that I used to play Lunatic Rave and MAME. I was running out of space to hold all of the various BMS and ROM files on the machine and requested to get that at the time when getting HDDs was still a relatively expensive process thanks to that storm which hit Thailand at the time. The PC eventually became useless, so the HDD was never put to use. Today, the drive has finally found a home, and it is in my wife's present PC. Thanks to the prodigious amount of space she uses to save all of her various media and art files, all of her storage was about to the fill line, and she was needing to reduce her photoshop scratch file allocation as a result. This wasn't acceptable, so after I recalled that I had the drive around, I figured that would be the best place for it. Between the weeks from then until now, I made two trips to the local not-Best Buy PC store to get what I thought where the necessary cables. When it came time to install, I came to discover that the IDE cable which I had purchased was too short. Before leaving for the third trip, my wife looked into the boxes left behind from previous PC construction, and not only was there a spare IDE cable of sufficient length, but there were additional HDD mounting screws which the HDD itself did not come with. The net result is that we could have had the drive installed weeks ago had we simply looked into the boxes of stuff we already had stockpiled. Thankfully, the actual process of getting the drive hooked up into the machine and properly recognized and formatted all went without issue. My wife's storage issues are now happily a thing of the past. For now.


(note - previous entry dated 18640512 06:44:19 has been revised to 18740512 06:44:19)

18740512 22:02:33


"Mister Isaac Garrey is requesting to see you now."
"Oh, now he shows up? All right then." Carbondale nodded to the waitress and flipped his hand upward and away from his body. She dutifully turned away and went to summon the gentleman to the table. "Keep en eye up. There was some pressure earlier today."
"Oh, this was the wagon?" Venedy positioned the hilt of his sheathed sword against the side of his lap after asking. Carbondale nodded silently in response.
Isaac Garrey walked over to the table in stiffly exaggerated steps and swings of his arms. His hat was still on his head, and his face formed a frown with enough strength to cast shadows over half of it under the dim light of the room. Carbondale extended a palm to motion to the open chair across from where he was seated, but Isaac remained standing as he spoke out.
"You had no right to do that. None!"
Carbondale tilted his head to his side and narrowed his eyes as he stabbed his opened hand to the chair twice more. Issac became agitated enough to contort his head from side to side as he murmured an angry mumble of words and pulled the chair back enough for him to sit at the table.
"Take your hat off and relax. Show some respect." Venedy kept his body otherwise motionless and his stare upon Isaac as he issued the command.
"You. You listen to me." Isaac curled his hat into his fist and threw it upon the side of the table in front of him. "That boy, he was a good kid. I just took him on a few months ago. I watched him grow up for the last ten years. His parents, that family. They were with me that long. The look on their faces as they asked me about their son."
"Look. Let's start from the beginning." Carbondale placed the cigar he held between his fingertips at the side of the ashtray in the middle of the table before continuing to speak. "You're talking about your delivery driver Matthew right? The eighteen year old man, right? Not a boy?"
"Yes, him, yes."
"OK. Now, what did his parents ask you about? What did they say about his son?"
"They. They asked me if I had heard the same thing that the police told them, that Matthew was missing."
"Missing, yes. That's what I thought. So maybe-"
"No, cut the bullshit. He ain't missing. He's gone. You know it, and I know it."
"I know it? Isaac - no, I don't know it. I don't know it at all. Do you know it?" Carbondale turned his head to his left to ask this of Venedy, and he silently shook his head in response. "What's your proof? Did you go to the morgue? Did you see a report of deceased persons for the day?"
"No, I didn't, but-"
"And the wagon you're missing. Did you see that at all? That might have some evidence of a kind of incident that you're implying. Did you see that at all?"
"No! But God damn it-"
"So this is what we have, here. You come to me saying that something has happened to someone - and that I was somehow responsible for this thing to have happened, and you have no proof at all that any such thing happened, nor that I caused it to happen. So now let me ask - what are you doing here?" Carbondale took the cigar from the ashtray and imbibed an amount of smoke large enough to coat the whole area of the table as he breathed out. "Why are you wasting my time with this shit?"
"This is rich, this is fucking rich." Isaac laughed out loud as he shook his head. "How can you look me in the face and just lie, lie, lie through your teeth like that?"
"Hm, y'know what? That's the same question I asked myself all these times when I asked for you to pay off your juice. The same fucking question."
"I told you! How many times did I tell you that I was good for-"
"No, how about this - you wanna know the answer to that question? How I'm able to lie to you? It's the same answer for how you were able to lie to those parents you just talked about, when they came to you. There's your answer."
"What? I was fully honest with them. They asked me if I knew their son to be missing and I said I didn't know."
"I'm sure you did, Isaac. But that's not what you told me as you sat down here. You told me that you did know what happened to him, didn't you."
"But, well, yeah, but I-"
"All right then. I'm glad we got that settled. Can we next get to settling your debt to me, then? When can we do that?"


Songs. I guess the coffee that I had earlier in the day helped to give me the jitters which every IIDX players need for top performance. My previous recent prediction about those plays on the too high High Speed setting being fodder for new records visibly came to fruition today, and Sensation Chance and 迦具土 had the happy coincidence of being part of a ten song increase streak. I think I had a mistyped entry for my Good count for the previous record of Ever Even Eleven, as I doubt that this play really had 122 more Goods than the last.

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
maybe @			48.88 C		1397.F	505.387.379.72.204	0218	1429			2013-10-30T23:39:20:446Z
0/7			07.03-		0201-

cross the mind @	30.58 E		1663.F	556.551.799.353.1221	0104	2719			2013-10-30T23:42:58:234Z
0/10			01.63-		0089-

ever even eleven @	52.61 C		1869.F	673.523.391.79.292	0148	1776	0179	892.17	2013-10-30T23:46:13:305Z
0/5			00.84+		0030+	14+2+122+15-19+		0012+				2012-08-16T00:04:50:050Z

red zone @		58.92 B		1762.F	624.514.240.41.214	0070	1495			2013-10-30T23:49:51:458Z
0/9			01.30-		0039-

next!! @		44.17 D		2418.F	836.746.689.176.768	0210	2737			2013-10-30T23:54:06:834Z
0/5			00.47-		0026-

子供の落書き帳 @		36.85 D		1491.F	518.455.481.253.769	0040	2023	1254	061.32	2013-10-30T23:56:26:050Z
0/6			02.77+		0112+	46+20+43-025+		0027-				2013-08-27T23:33:25:334Z

devilz staircase @	36.84 D		1666.F	577.512.583.231.895	0087	2261	1614	040.08	2013-10-31T00:00:18:962Z
0/3			02.81+		0127+	83+39-42-10-42-		0035+				2013-10-15T03:39:11:119Z

traces @		59.01 B		1741.F	634.473.235.51.231	0120	1475	1071	037.72	2013-10-31T00:04:19:043Z
0/11			02.93+		0064+	47+30-29-5-22+		0076-				2012-03-27T01:31:20:791Z

cheerful forest @	40.26 D		2350.F	794.762.721.258.1083	0048	2918	1449	101.38	2013-10-31T00:08:46:274Z
0/9			04.26+		0249+	68+113+67-76-138-	0018+				2013-08-15T00:44:13:466Z

虹色の花 @		46.04 C		1734.F	589.556.413.139.518	0075	1883	1367	037.74	2013-10-31T00:12:36:770Z
0/2			01.04+		0039+	20-79+36-8-20-		0008-				2013-10-23T03:01:58:460Z

love again tonight @	82.43 AA	0915.P	372.		0322	0555	0555	0	2013-10-31T00:17:02:514Z
6/6			03.08+		0023+	20+17-11-00		0240-				2012-03-23T23:45:13:613Z

sensation chance @	41.03 D		2063.F	711.641.648.206.829	0106	2514	1016	147.44	2013-10-31T00:21:37:386Z
0/2			12.99+		0653+	276+101+247-82-138-	0014+				2013-10-26T00:23:12:434Z

light shine 		52.70 C		1694.F	602.490.257.79.307	0199	1607	1361	018.07	2013-10-31T00:28:31:082Z
0/2			02.05+		0066+	39+12-35-2+11+		0054+				2012-04-20T01:34:06:425Z

darling my luv @	68.97 A		1356.F	532.	0131	0983	0576	070.65	2013-10-31T00:33:35:234Z
0/9			02.60+		0051+	32+13-3-13-7+		0002-				2013-05-11T01:13:27:201Z

迦具土-f.l.a.mix- @	52.56 C		3037.F	1085.867.594.136.450	0111	2889	1278	126.05	2013-10-31T00:40:29:355Z
0/2			07.76+		0448+	199+50+196-34-112-	0029-				2013-10-27T00:31:20:892Z

im in love again @	75.16 A		0672.P		0289	0447			2013-10-31T00:44:24:977Z
5/5			01.23-		0011-

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