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LB log - 20131102

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My immediate supervisor is a grandmother at age fifty or so I think, and while we were both on lunch, she was flipping through an issue of Cosmopolitan and was totally scandalized by some of the content in the articles. After other people in the room asked her, it seems that she managed to go through her entire life until today never having read the magazine or hearing about it second hand, and had no idea what the magazine was about. It made for a good laugh.

I guess I should possibly quit playing Densha De Go Final sooner than later, in light of the fact that I made a stop today that was 100% precise; zero seconds late or early, and zero centimeters off target. It was The Perfect Stop. In doing another route before that, I earned a gold star marking for each stop, and in doing that I came to discover that doing that for one route of a diagram marks the gold star completion for the entire diagram, so I guess that's one way that I could get gold stars down the chart without having to do every single possible route permutation. Truthfully I will probably keep going until I have all routes finished in some form, but today marks the day when I have performed a perfect action within the course of the game, and all I can hope to do is repeat what I have done with a higher frequency.


19180309 11:44:20


The woman's yell was all that William Humeski needed to assess the situation, as it caused everything else around her to react in kind. He turned around to see a circle of space slowly form around the woman as she raised her hand to point at the door which was still open from the thief running through it. The gasps and staring by the surrounding people verified that the crime was committed. William had this kind of situation in his mind before, and he was waiting for it to come, hoping for it to come, so that he could prove his morals to others and himself. Time stood still long enough in his eyes to watch the static freeze of the onlookers and the yelling woman's mouth form each syllable of the words "Stop, thief!", and he knew that his time to act was right now.
He leaned his body forward to have his shoulder meet the glass pane of the doorway as he used his outstretched arms to push people out of the way for clearance. Once outside of the store, he quickly looked from side to side to see if he could find the runner, and the slowing walking pace of the pedestrians across the street and yelling by a few carriage and car drivers in the road gave him the guidance he sought. The thief was a small teenager who wore a black overcoat and matching hard shoes, and was running with enough speed and force to make his steps audibly cut through the dense shopping traffic. William decided to cut across the street at a diagonal and try to cut him off immediately. He rigidly held his hands as if to make them into two scalpels which pierced the air in front of his eyes as he exerted his maximum physical and mental effort to catch up to the runner. Each step was a dash off of the ball of his foot from the red worn bricks of the road, each breath came out of his mouth exactly as each alternate hand swept up to its apex. The gap between them was quickly closing, and spectators ahead of both of them were taking measures to be out of their way as they approached. The thief knew that he could make his way through an upcoming alley in a few feet, but was distracted by the sound of the approaching running coming from behind him, and in that realization, he made the mistake of turning to look behind himself. That moment of anxiety was enough for William to close in on the thief and make a lunge to wrap his arms around his waist. The tackle caused both of the boys to tumble and skid forward on the sidewalk and careen into a garbage can that was placed across the entrance to the adjacent grocery store. The thief released his grasp of the purse as the force of his collision against the can caused it to tip over and spill its contents onto the sidewalk as it tumbled and rolled. William positioned himself to roll the boy over and kneel on his body, then yelled out as he pulled his right arm back to strike at the thief's face. The thief reflexively responded by swinging his leg upward and kicking away at William's crotch. William's arms went limp and his yell was immediately muffled by the strike. This gave the thief enough time to look to his side and see an empty glass bottle on the ground, which he picked up after rolling upright upon his knees, then grasped at the neck to swing it at William's face. Some shattered fragments of glass glistened in the sunlight as they fell away from William's face, while others dug their edges into his flesh and tore bloody gashes into the side of his cheek and neck. William instinctively raised his left hand to press it against the cut flesh, but doing this caused some fine glass fragments to dig deeper into his face as well as his fingertips. William became dizzied and staggered in place as he attempted to regain focus in his attack, but the lapse in his offense was all the thief needed. Before William finished wiping his bloodied hand against the side of his body, the thief had already ran forward with his waist bent over so that he could knock William away and reach for the purse on the ground by his feet. The thief simply continued running forward with the purse in his hand and suddenly ran into a store at his right. William turned to see the thief go inside and began to move his legs forward to give chase, but his head reeled and the view of the street around him tilted to an angle and spun as he struggled to keep his eyes open and his body standing. He was soon forced to kneel upon the sidewalk as he held both of his hands up to his neck and felt warm liquid seep through his fingers. His breathing became more labored and his entire body soon started to tremble. A man from the nearby grocery store suddenly whipped the door open and stood to look at William as he knelt on the ground in pain, and only needed to take three steps forward to see the red liquid trickling from his bloodied hands. The man quickly went back inside and started to yell something, and the last thing that William remembered was trying to figure out what language the man was yelling.
The grocer, who yelled in Italian to his brother inside the store to call for police, soon returned to the sidewalk with a handful of white shirts and dashed over to William, who was now lying doubled over his knees with labored breath and was losing consciousness. The man reached knelt besides William and dropped the shirts at his side, then pulled William's hands away from his neck so that he could brush away the visible fragments of glass still embedded in the flesh. Then, he tied the white shirt around William's neck as tight as he felt he could make it to still allow him to breathe yet apply pressure to minimize the bleeding. He then gently helped reposition William so that he could lie prone upon his back on the sidewalk, and held his head up to cushion it with another shirt before releasing it from his hands. When he stood up and saw the several people who stood motionless and watching them nearby, he yelled "We called polizia!" out to them as he pointed four fingers to his own chest.


Songs felt rather good today. For a few songs like The Hope of Tomorrow and Cold Stream, I had that feeling once again where it seemed like I was able to properly read more of the chart at once than normal. By two or three songs played I also felt that my timing was in control and that I had the stamina to attack songs well. It was nice to see some good variety of selections come up, given the low play count that most of them have (particularly those that haven't been cleared).

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
garden @		49.12 D		1581.F	575.431.333.81.382	0082	1609			2013-11-03T00:06:28:295Z
0/5			03.82-		0123-

do it do it A14 @	36.13 D		1118.F	378.362.407.102.597	0078	1547			2013-11-03T00:09:21:543Z
0/4			01.42-		0044-

panorama @		80.08 AA	0543.P		0171	0339	0339	0	2013-11-03T00:12:10:206Z
4/4			01.18+		0008+	6+4-4-1+1+		0036+				2013-09-29T00:48:27:200Z

kung fu empire A14 @	36.65 D		1973.F	678.617.772.268.942	0041	2691	1659	062.20	2013-11-03T00:15:59:607Z
0/4			01.31+		0071+	43+15-55+2-30-		0004+				2012-10-16T23:43:55:701Z

zero one H14 @		53.94 C		1655.F	592.471.331.52.241	0127	1534			2013-11-03T00:19:07:903Z
0/4			00.58-		0018-

突撃 ガラスのニーソ姫	55.39 C		1829.F	690.449.275.88.409	0076	1651	1144	044.31	2013-11-03T00:24:03:190Z
0/4			00.19+		0006+	5+4-37+4+19-		0001-				2013-08-28T00:15:44:080Z

まわりみち @		61.93 B		2621.F	984.653.334.40.208	0099	2116	0911	132.27	2013-11-03T00:32:18:350Z
0/3			06.38+		0270+	136+2-43-17-68-		0039+				2013-01-18T02:57:02:901Z

the beauty of silence @	78.89 AA	1469.P	575.319.36.1.3		0560	0931	0642	045.01	2013-11-03T00:36:11:919Z
7/7			00.97+		0018+	6-30+21-1+1-		0067-				2013-08-26T00:16:30:362Z

b4u bemani 4 u B14 @	35.21 D		1858.F	641.576.728.283.977	0047	2638			2013-11-03T00:39:53:295Z
0/5			02.72-		0144-

secret tale @		81.32 AA	1189.P	482.		0594	0731			2013-11-03T00:45:20:342Z
9/9			03.14-		0046-

together @		48.03 C		2170.F	789.592.461.165.593	0169	2259	1569	043.97	2013-11-03T00:49:34:359Z
0/4			01.75+		0079+	40+1-37-32+113+		0028+				2012-06-04T00:45:35:409Z

the hope tomorrow DD @	45.48 C		2350.F	847.656.603.142.628	0109	2583			2013-11-03T00:54:42:310Z
0/6			00.71-		0037-

time to eye @		43.03 D		1650.F	544.562.433.120.574	0091	1917	1168	064.12	2013-11-03T00:58:34:983Z
0/2			04.09+		0157+	69+19+92-14-14-		0022-				2013-10-26T01:21:18:265Z

cold stream @		46.96 C		1810.F	646.518.396.194.565	0101	1927	1025	088.00	2013-11-03T01:06:07:623Z
0/9			02.28+		0088+	27+34+28-32+10-		0000				2012-07-01T00:47:08:499Z

abstract @		55.96 B		1643.F	608.427.274.38.207	0060	1468			2013-11-03T01:11:31:406Z
0/8			03.95-		0116-

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