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LB log - 20131105

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On my days of slothenly long sleep, I find it very difficult to actually get out of bed once I'm at the point where I know I am awake and will not resume sleeping more. I know it's contrary to what many fine people have said, in that I should immediately spring out of bed once I'm awake and get on with the rest of my day, but the gravity of the mattress is so great that I find the pull irresistible. Not to mention the wonderful feeling of being off of my legs, which always seem to have a sensation of being worn out.


18370410 12:06:19

"Mister Reverend Tarro, would you care to choose a location for us to gather this sample? You may choose anywhere you like."
Doctor Garr Peterson extended his hand out to the Reverend as he made this offer, which compelled most of the other people in the crowd to turn to look at the preacher. The man winced with discomfort in response before speaking.
"I'm uh, I'm sure that my particular choice is not exactly required for your demonstration, and this may be something which is more suited to your expertise."
"To the contrary, Reverend, I ask you specifically to undertake this request as we stand in the shadow of your church and to demonstrate that our assertions are applicable everywhere within this fine town. Otherwise, if you insist on demurring, I can ask a person - a leader - like Mister Hoobler here to do select the location instead."
"Fine." The Reverend glared back at the Doctor, and kept his stare fixed. "Take the sample from where I presently stand. May it show that the Lord compelled me to stand there for this purpose."
"Excellent. Gentlemen, shall we?"
The two pairs of two men flanked at the Doctor's sides silently took up their stepstools and sledgehammers, and walked to form a circle around the spot where the Reverend had stood. Doctor Garr walked over with the metal pole and stood it up on end in the middle of the four men, and held it in position with his gloved hand. He now spoke louder so that he could be heard to the edge of the crowd around them.
"This painted stripe around this hollow pole here marks one yard. These men shall now drive this pole into the ground until this marking, and then pull it back out again."
With a nod from the Doctor as he held it steady, the men took to striking the top of the pole in sequence so that it could be driven down in rapid succession. The pole sunk into the ground to the desired length within a few minutes. The Doctor stepped away to allow the men to grasp the pole, and in half of the time it had taken to drive the pole into the earth, they had managed to twist and pull the pole out from the hole.
"Now, this sample shall be extracted by forcing it out from the bottom through the top."
The stepstools were situated to align in a row, and the pole was laid on top of them. A white sheet was placed on the ground at the top end in order to collect the soil. Two of the four men now followed their next instruction, as one held a solid metal rod at the plugged end of the pole while the other struck at it with the sledgehammer. After eight strikes, the soil was fully extracted from the pole and the soil fell out onto the sheet. While the two men did this, Doctor Garr pulled a cloth covered tray and laid it beside the sheet where the soil would land, then pulled the sheet away once it had fallen out. The sheet concealed another soil sample which had the same basic appearance as the one that was just extracted in front of the crowd.
"This is another sample that I had collected earlier, and you can see that the sample we have just obtained now is roughly the same. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the main limitation that is now imposed on your crop. This discoloration you can see and touch to feel at the bottom of both samples here is hardened soil and clay - materials in which no crops can take root to grow. Your current methods of tilling do not loosen this hard clay up enough to maximize your yields. When Doctor Kufo and myself realized this issue, we sought to create something which would remedy this situation, and what we have created I am happy to reveal to you all today." With a smile, Doctor Garr nodded to Doctor Kufo, and both men bent down to pick up opposite ends of the large white canvas tarp that covered their invention. The men pulled it down, and the device came into view. It stood about eight feet tall and had two large wooden triangle bases, with a circular axis that connected the bases at the top. In the middle of the axis, a long metal arm stretched out at an angle and held a very large metallic pick at its other end. A long length of rope was connected to the back of the pick's head, and other free lengths of rope were seen wrapped tightly around the bottom bases as well as coming from a hole within the center of the axis at the top. The crowd remained silent with the unveiling and looked upon the machine in curious apprehension.
"Ladies and gentlemen, what you see here is a device with which the soil can be tilled to the depth that will loosen that hardened soil and clay which is now deep under our feet. No till which is currently on the field or the market, no till which an ordinary man or team can use, will ever penetrate the earth deep enough to till this compressed and infertile soil. With this device, one team of men will be able to pull the blade down to dig up the earth at such depths, and another team uses the ropes found at the bases there to maintain stability and traction. These devices can be easily made and soon you will see dozens of these on your fields. This is the solution to your crop yields, right here!"
The tone among the crowd gradually became livelier, and Daron started to nod and applaud the two Doctors, which compelled others in the crowd to join in. Reverend Tarro stood with a grimace and his arms crossed.


Songs. The worst thing that I can say happened in this session is that I failed Jewellery Storm for the first time, and that happened while I was -11 off of EX record anyway. Beyond that? Even the two warmup songs where just 2% off of record and basically everything else was an even closer play to its record or surpassed it. I know that I felt like I was hitting everything in 1st Samurai well as I was going through the song, but I didn't expect an increase of nearly 7%, and the chart showing that I basically played the song better than the record throughout every measure. Most new entries were cleaner on the miss counts too. Then again, a lot of easier charts did come around this time so maybe that's another thing that's helping me feel good about today.

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
spiral galaxy led @	36.68 D		1667.F	552.563.647.209.720	0042	2272			2013-11-06T00:55:41:755Z
0/6			02.31-		0105-

king of groove @	72.04 A		2075.P	823.429.160.6.36	0285	1440			2013-11-06T00:58:36:516Z
8/8			02.84-		0082-

a new morning @		74.44 A		1276.P	497.		0273	0857	0790	011.01	2013-11-06T01:01:19:851Z
5/5			02.38+		0012+	15+18-22-4+1-		0165-				2012-03-24T00:35:50:634Z

jewellery storm @	71.83 A		1928.F	723.482.119.3.39	0339	1342			2013-11-06T01:06:37:564Z
5/6			00.40-		0011-

route 80s @		58.27 B		1049.F	381.	0073	0900			2013-11-06T01:09:08:323Z
0/6			01.61-		0029-

R壱万 @			70.70 A		0939.P	354.		0177	0664			2013-11-06T01:12:39:571Z
8/8			01.43-		0019-

festa do sol @		72.82 A		1257.P	486.		0155	0863			2013-11-06T01:15:19:643Z
9/9			00.57-		0010-

i feel @		81.38 AA	1045.P	423.		0252	0642			2013-11-06T01:18:39:795Z
5/5			00.93-		0012-

mermaid girl mix @	58.90 B		2342.F	865.612.309.80.306	0078	1988	1029	093.19	2013-11-06T01:23:11:979Z
0/10			03.75+		0149+	16+117+21-52-126-	0013+				2012-06-19T00:41:52:525Z

quick silver @		54.66 C		2015.F	718.579.305.67.380	0061	1843	1438	028.16	2013-11-06T01:28:21:476Z
0/11			00.68+		0025+	20-65+19-41-48-		0011-				2012-05-04T23:55:50:962Z

abyss @			73.23 A		1412.P	527.358.61.4.23		0216	0964			2013-11-06T01:31:38:922Z
9/10			00.72-		0014-

prince on a star @	68.28 A		1124.P	414.		0133	0823	0823	0	2013-11-06T01:35:28:188Z
2/2			02.19+		0036+	2-40+29-3+14-		0051-				2013-06-03T04:07:40:061Z

astral voyage @		69.61 A		1668.P	625.418.124.6.50	0275	1198	1087	010.21	2013-11-06T01:38:46:912Z
6/10			01.08+		0026+	15-56+10+12-29-		0127+				2013-08-06T02:31:55:061Z

cyber space carnival 	36.62 D		2209.F	735.739.800.231.1005	0067	3016	1947	054.90	2013-11-06T01:47:31:779Z
0/2			03.62+		0218+	67+84+100-25-88-	0017+				2013-10-03T23:38:34:584Z

トリカゴノ鳳凰 @		53.13 C		2239.F	806.627.456.45.321	0128	2107	1709	023.28	2013-11-06T01:53:59:467Z
0/2			04.16+		0175+	95+15-14+49-114-	0052-				2013-09-13T01:55:15:689Z

praludium @		58.47 B		1746.F	611.524.238.29.165	0105	1493	1216	022.77	2013-11-06T01:59:24:323Z
0/4			01.24+		0037+	7+23+45-5-25-		0021-				2013-08-06T02:23:45:454Z

marmalade reverie H14 @	72.27 A		1791.F	713.365.88.28.86	0078	1239	0704	075.99	2013-11-06T02:04:23:587Z
0/9			00.89+		0022+	25+28-3-12+21-		0036-				2013-04-12T02:41:39:830Z

1st samurai @		61.99 B		1855.F	700.455.255.11.141	0238	1496	1455	002.81	2013-11-06T02:07:40:827Z
0/5			06.91+		0207+	114+21-32-18-65-	0118+				2013-03-22T04:07:24:862Z

wanna tell that word @	67.62 A		1711.F	648.415.117.13.114	0125	1265	1066	018.66	2013-11-06T02:11:11:611Z
0/10			03.04+		0077+	18+41+57-10-6-		0008+				2013-07-11T03:38:31:333Z

doll @			80.93 AA	1494.P	598.		0340	0923			2013-11-06T02:17:57:787Z
9/9			02.97-		0055-

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