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LB log - 20131106

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Some of today's free time was spent at my parent's place so that I could see my mother tend to my sister's child. She's three months old now, and seems to be growing healthy so far. She's still immobile and won't crawl, but I don't think that's supposed to happen quite so soon. Otherwise, she seems pretty normal and if anything a bit benign in not crying so very loudly that it splits the eardrums or at the drop of a hat. I was able to hold her for some long stretches (enough to wait to have some pictures taken at least) without incident.

I've just taken a moment to look over the new IRS Publication 1436 to see what I would be testing this year, and I see two new Forms; one for additional Medicare taxes and another for a different way of computing investment / portfolio income taxes. This will give me something new to look into, and probably shouldn't take me more than a month to get done as long as I just modify last year's forms instead of waiting for the finalized Forms to come from the IRS.

It's almost eleven. I better get to work.


18360122 06:57:28

"So hello hello! You are Daron Hoobler then, yes yes? Your friend Frederic sent me here! I am glad to be here at last! It was a trial getting through that trail with a quickness over the mud and cold, it sure was. The name's Joe!" He shot his hand out with a stiff stretch and held it out in the air. Daron stood dumbly still for a moment before he blinked to attention and reciprocated the gesture. In Joe's grasp and shake, his hand felt like a limp noodle.
"Yes, I'm Daron, it's nice to meet you Mister Joe, uh - is that, uh, how you want to be addressed? I mean, do you have a last-"
"Yeah that's fine Daron! Yes. No I haven't really taken a last name, like a proper one. Some folk called me Joe the Mime or Joe Mime sometimes, but that was only a few of them." Joe's eyes trailed off to the side as he made mention of that fact, and quickly snapped back to look up to Daron after a brief pause. "But anyways we got a lot to talk about and I don't think yall wanna do it out here, do yas? No no, not here, no."
"Uh, right, yes. I can have the boy tend to your horse, then." Daron turned to walk over to the doorway of the cabin and leaned his body inside the room.
"The boy? What boy's that?"
"Jesse, c'mon and take the guest's ride up. We got some things to talk. Some things. And yeah, take them too. You all best bundle up." With the last sentences, he waved his arm to point at the two Poole children.
Joe politely stood in place and waited with Daron for the children to leave to enter the cabin.
"That there's Jesse, Saul, and Marian. None of them are my own."
"I was just gonna ask, ha ha! Nice to meet you, children! I'm Joe! Glad to be here." Jesse turned to wave and say hello as he walked over to the horse and proceeded to lead it by the reins to the barn. The two Poole children walked past Joe without any kind of response and quietly followed Jesse as he took the horse away. Daron waved an arm in a circle to invite Joe to follow him inside the cabin. Daron poured more coffee into the tin cup which he had previously used and placed it in front of Joe as he stretched his legs out under the table with an exasperated sigh of relief.
"Whew! Good lord I'm just not a rider, my ass gets all tensed up and my legs get all stiffed up just doin that for a day, I could never be a soldier I tell you, yes yes."
Daron pulled his chair back and leaned his body forward over the table upon his forearms as he sat down across from Joe. His weak smile was quickly dropped and the tone of his voice was now sharply hurried and reduced in volume.
"Joe, forgive my lack of manners but I don't want to keep those children waiting out there forever, and I'm hoping that we have some rather serious business to discuss first."
"Yes, Daron, yes. Frederic told me about your situation and what you needed, and told me to expect you and the children here, and it's just as he said. I have this document prepared for you." Joe pulled a long white envelope out from the inside of his coat and placed it on the table. A red insignia of wax sealed the opening. "It's a Certificate of Death for one Whitney Poole, having died on December 27 1835 and the signatures of the Baltimore Morgue Director and Baltimore City Clerk. A copy of this document is in their records and it can be found on their files on demand. We set that in place. And as I hope you can assume from my name - these documents are all genuine forgeries which are identical to the finest detail. The signatures they have and the forms written look exactly like other Death Certificates on file, and all we needed to do from there is give a tip to the Clerk's secretary to get it added to their records. The widow can open this to see it for herself, and if she demands to return to Baltimore yet again for more proof, she'll find it there. It's all done."
"Oh, what a relief, what an incredible relief." Daron wrung his hands coarsely over each other and felt as if a physical weight was lifted off of his shoulders. "I do not know how to thank you enough."
"Well, Daron, I think you can do so, though, yes. Yes, while I have indeed made something of a name for myself back in the city there, I had to keep my talents, uh, limited, you see? See, I know that if you give me a pen and a letter, I can copy it. But see, that means if you can give me a brush and a painting, I can copy it. I got that eye, and while all around me folks are buying up all kinds of art and using their paper money to buy all that art and everything else, nobody ever asked me to copy that kind of stuff before. They was all afraid, they was yes. They look at me and think I can't do it. Well, you give me a place to stay here with you, I can show you I can do it - and that'll help you out as much as anyone else here, wouldn't it? I think so, yes yes!"
"I suppose that is true, if you can indeed perform the task, Joe." Daron smiled outwardly but suddenly felt as if the weight that had just been lifted off of his shoulders was slowly sliding back onto his body. Everything he had here was thanks to stolen money, and now he faced a proposal to use counterfeit money as well. Was he doomed to forever use illegitimate means to sustain himself?


Songs went rather well today, and basically followed the same pattern as yesterday in terms of new records set and difference against records for plays which were less. Lowest point at 5% off of record with 貴方の居る場所, and that's as much for the fact that it was a low note count so mistakes are naturally magnified there. The most interesting increases were Little Little Princess, as I didn't expect to have that kind of jump with that congested chart, and I had a very strong start with Laser Cruster that I unfortunately couldn't maintain throughout the chart but had enough of a lead to ultimately get me an increase.

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
la nyam			31.97 E		1742.F	575.592.779.278.989	0053	2724			2013-11-07T00:17:46:706Z
0/2			03.45-		0188-

layer of the clouds @	47.77 C		1871.F	648.575.458.80.406	0088	1958			2013-11-07T00:21:39:085Z
0/9			02.09-		0082-

貴方の居る場所 @		63.19 B		1135.F	423.	0263	0898			2013-11-07T00:26:49:829Z
0/5			05.34-		0096-

my only shining star @	42.89 D		1611.F	573.465.412.204.669	0048	1878	0920	104.13	2013-11-07T00:30:53:654Z
0/5			00.32+		0012+	17+22-27-36+88+		0001-				2012-04-12T00:49:55:827Z

matador @		44.92 C		2097.F	676.745.559.71.562	0068	2334			2013-11-07T00:35:26:239Z
0/3			04.34-		0203-

frozen ray @		72.51 A		1359.P	531.		0257	0937			2013-11-07T00:39:48:981Z
7/7			02.40-		0045-

im for real @		78.24 AA	0748.P		0315	0478			2013-11-07T00:42:09:509Z
5/5			01.77-		0017-

灼熱Beach Side Bunny @	41.37 D		1933.F	662.609.395.136.923	0162	2336	1692	038.06	2013-11-07T00:47:27:501Z
0/10			03.13+		0146+	62+22+48-20-36-		0001-				2013-08-08T00:11:03:987Z

隠蓑之坊 @		80.32 AA	1706.P	689.328.38.0.14		0300	1062	0667	059.22	2013-11-07T00:54:09:110Z
6/6			03.54+		0075+	44+13-21-4-7-		0071+				2013-01-24T01:56:13:073Z

texture @		68.57 A		1318.P	495.328.84.14.59	0149	0961	0593	062.05	2013-11-07T00:58:10:533Z
8/8			02.67+		0021+	7+7+35-014-		0058-				2012-04-04T01:29:08:289Z

anthem landing @	43.56 D		1767.F	603.561.499.173.545	0126	2028			2013-11-07T01:03:28:622Z
0/5			00.51-		0021-

feedback @		66.07 B		1447.F	527.393.115.15.94	0142	1095	0984	011.28	2013-11-07T01:07:26:693Z
0/5			02.83+		0062+	9+44+37-1+7-		0064+				2012-11-19T01:41:26:867Z

beastie starter @	45.50 C		1571.F	532.507.411.97.473	0136	1726			2013-11-07T01:11:11:853Z
0/3			01.33-		0046-

laser cruster @		42.56 D		1786.F	608.570.513.180.610	0139	2098	1254	067.30	2013-11-07T01:15:23:349Z
0/9			02.72+		0114+	21+72+53-3+95-		0072+				2012-10-29T00:48:58:673Z

little princess @	47.47 C		2125.F	765.595.513.143.590	0083	2238	1171	091.18	2013-11-07T01:21:31:261Z
0/12			03.66+		0164+	67+30+27-31-43-		0012-				2013-08-20T01:37:52:544Z

lets say hello @	74.73 A		1275.P	487.301.51.3.26		0273	0853	0853	0	2013-11-07T01:26:28:445Z
6/6			02.58+		0044+	13+18+33-04-		0114+				2013-09-14T01:13:57:859Z

make a difference A14 @	59.89 B		1773.F	660.453.240.38.190	0182	1480	1202	023.12	2013-11-07T01:40:02:060Z
0/7			02.63+		0078+	27+24+6-7-58-		0039-				2013-10-07T01:30:37:076Z

the safari 134 @	63.61 B		1145.P	398.349.112.5.60	0085	0900			2013-11-07T01:42:54:541Z
4/6			02.16-		0039-

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