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LB log - 20131107

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Today's photo tour was a pretty good time. I didn't get any incredible rush of crippling nostalgia or onset of suppressed memories. The autumn air was cold and crisp but thankfully dry, and being in the area felt more generally familiar and comfortable than anything else. Though I did have to reflect on realizing that when I encountered the janitor at the old school, the words "I went to school here thirty years ago" came out of my mouth. That's probably the moment when I most strongly felt like I was an old man on the day.

In a totally different subject, with little else to do in GTA 5, my wife still seems interest in going for the 100% completion, and that means getting all the shit like the stunt jumps, and yet again I'd like to take this moment to decry how utterly useless the Brady guide is. We go to Stunt Jump #1 in the book, and all points of location designated in the book are wrong. All wrong. We had to go online to get the correct spots. At the rate of how long it takes to find the stunt jump spots and how many attempts it takes to land them correctly, I'm not foreseeing us completing the task. I think I'll run out of patience first.


(Note: Date and previous header of "18370410 12:06:19" has been revised to "18370409 11:18:19")

18370409 11:43:06

The amount of force that he put into his steps as he paced back and forth in the room was great enough to cause the floor to visibly bend. This spectacle combined with the audible yet indecipherable mumbling that came from the Reverend's mouth was enough to make his wife hesitate to speak up, despite her growing increasingly concerned for her husband's well being. After several minutes of watching the man pace from one wall to the other, she couldn't help herself to stay quiet any longer and felt forced to interject.
"Love, what was so terrible about what had happened there? Didn't they-"
"What was so terrible?" Reverend Tarro spun on his heels and leaned his body in to shout the counter question with such force that it caused her to reflexively raise her arms upward in defense. "What! How about everything! Everything was terrible about that! They made a damned fool out of me there, did you not see that? Did you not hear that? Those infernal men, they think they're so righteous and enlightened, those fools, those damned hell bound fools! Damn them! May the Lord damn them and strike them down!"
"A- Alan! Alan! Please, must you be so emotional?"
"Darling, they, th-" He stammered in place and pointed a finger behind him, towards the door to the shack, straining to find the right words to convey his anger without merely screaming out. He finally managed to compose himself and lower his voice before speaking again. "They made a fool out of me out there. That's the main thing that they did. Both of them, and I bet Daron too, I bet you he was in on it. I bet he could have even suggested that display to them! That would make sense, yes, that would explain it all. All of them being snakes like that, yes, yes, I could see it now. Making arrangements out of sight to put me down. But did you hear that man, that Doctor Garr? How he said that to me - about how someone who is a leader should make a choice about that dirt sample or whatever pageantry he did there? Did you hear that? Did you see the look in his face as he asked me that? Oh that snake, that dog, that blasted snake - that smug grin on his face. Did you hear that come from him?"
"No, not like that." In truth, though, she did, but she knew that in times like this it was better to remain as tacit and pliant as she possibly could be and let him roll all the steam and bluster out of him as he can. The high intensity anger seemed to be subsiding, which meant that the brooding and scheming would come from him next.
"Well, one thing's for sure," He paused mid-sentence to turn to her side and let himself fall into the loveseat next to her. He puffed out a long breath as he stretched his feet out over the floor. "I will not ever try to act in confidence with that Daron anymore, absolutely not! Now I know that man cannot be trusted. Never, never. As for those other men, though. Those scientists there. I don't what I can do to deflate them some."
"All you can do is preach the Lord's love and forgiveness, and his will to judge the wicked."
The Reverend nodded silently in initial response, though the nodding motion was undertaken by his entire torso, which effectively made him rock back and forth in his seat. "Well, y'know what darling, you are right about that one too, yes. Here we are on the Sabbath and they made a demonstration about work. That's as clear cut of a violation of God's law as there ever has been. That is it. And everyone witnessed it too. No hearsay there. No room for misinterpretation. Hopefully, all I need to do is point that out to get people to see it the right way."
"Just keep it level, love."
"Keep it- of course! What do you take me for! Pah!" He turned his head away with a wave of his hand. "I'll do it the right way, just you watch. Just remind them that for all their brains, for all their sacred enlightenment, that it wast he Lord who inspired them to begin with. All things through Him. All things. They just need to be gently reminded, in case they got swept up and forgot."
"You'll right their course, love." She turned to kiss him on the forehead with a smile, then promptly sat up to exit to the kitchen and let him brood. She was happy to make the escape.

Songs. In comparison to the last few days, today wasn't quite as good, but it was still pretty decent overall. I wasn't too happy about Yellow Frog showing up first, because I didn't want to butcher the song, and thankfully I didn't do too horrible in playing it. Enter The Death came up recently but on the last attempt I played some initial notes all wrong and tried to restart it, and thanks to the way the sim program handles BPM shifts, I couldn't restart it without having the white number messed up, so I'm glad to have had the chance to play it this time. I'm also disappointed to find out that I don't have the full song Calls It Quits playable through this program, nor do I have the separate songs Calls nor Quits available for play. This led me to look up a play of the BMS on youtube, and that black hole sucked me in for a few other clips, and seeing how songs like 風仁雷仁 work in the Osu PC simulator program. I... am sorry, but I still don't see the appeal of stuff like this or DJMax or Jubeat. I just don't.

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
yellow frog steel @	55.52 B		1677.F	599.479.305.32.205	0116	1510			2013-11-08T01:03:51:136Z
0/6			06.75-		0204-

enter the death @	39.90 D		1818.F	622.574.652.217.611	0055	2278			2013-11-08T01:07:36:208Z
0/5			05.20-		0237-

change the world @	54.44 C		1912.F	655.602.302.75.306	0157	1756			2013-11-08T01:07:36:208Z
0/10			02.47-		0087-

andromeda II @		68.44 A		1818.P	677.464.148.10.66	0159	1328	1084	022.50	2013-11-08T01:14:37:175Z
6/7			02.63+		0070+	26+18+36-2-7-		0044+				2013-11-01T01:20:42:522Z

superstring theory @	47.29 C		3273.F	1138.997.801.207.765	0142	3460			2013-11-08T01:20:19:343Z
0/7			00.37-		0026-

sayonara super star @	50.23 C		1518.F	588.342.300.112.461	0095	1511	1188	027.18	2013-11-08T01:23:13:806Z
0/9			02.02+		0061+	40+19-22+20-57-		0019-				2012-11-12T02:00:02:166Z

gobble @		58.06 B		1065.F	394.	0094	0917	0917	0	2013-11-08T01:25:55:239Z
0/9			02.78+		0051+	32+13-12-2+5+		0028+				2012-09-05T00:20:55:702Z

b4u bemani 4 u B14 @	34.74 D		1833.F	607.619.728.287.1067	0077	2638			2013-11-08T01:30:48:728Z
0/6			03.20-		0169-

do it do it B14 @	42.22 D		1336.F	457.422.349.69.518	0078	1582	1312	020.57	2013-11-08T01:33:48:790Z
0/5			04.27+		0135+	56+23+55-11+22-		0009+				2013-04-12T02:58:41:350Z

ristaccia B14 @		57.82 B		1685.F	637.411.276.41.231	0114	1457	1265	015.17	2013-11-08T01:37:38:464Z
0/10			00.69+		0020+	20+20-14+9-3+		0014+				2013-09-26T00:21:20:836Z

artelia method @	42.86 D		1472.F	504.464.345.122.590	0106	1717			2013-11-08T01:40:50:175Z
0/11			00.90-		0031-

it 			36.82 D		1850.F	635.580.644.192.884	0059	2512	1759	042.80	2013-11-08T01:51:59:816Z
0/2			02.37+		0119+	50+19+6+80-101-		0001-				2013-06-22T00:58:45:956Z

go beyond @		30.77 E		1098.F	354.390.538.187.759	0054	1784			2013-11-08T02:03:15:473Z
0/8			00.56-		0020-

どたばたプリンセス 	37.71 D		2082.F	684.714.730.170.882	0043	2760	1919	043.82	2013-11-08T02:11:02:931Z
0/2			03.78+		0209+	82+45+16-36-85-		0011+				2012-10-13T01:06:32:525Z

tropical april @	64.39 B		1834.F	691.452.163.15.186	0106	1424			2013-11-08T02:16:39:446Z
0/6			05.16-		0147-

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