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LB log - 20131108

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GTA5 stock market fun - I start the game up before my wife comes home for lunch and I look over to see that Wiz is at $1.02 or so, and I haven't seen it or much of any other stock lower than $2, so I go all in with everyone. We do stuff, I go on with the rest of my day. We have dinner, get back on for a bit more, and I look over at the market again; turns out that Wiz dropped to $0.47 before it climbed back up to $0.97 when I was looking. Swell. I guess I'll just try to hold on until it's $1.50 at most and look to bail out. Good thing it's not real money and I've already obtained all there is to get in the SP portion of the game.

The rest of my day consisted of going places online and spamming business email while listening to Castle FM. This is something I've been needing to do for a while yet again and I'm glad to have finally made some new progress today.

Quick Draft.

18370706 21:34:05

Daron heard the footsteps approach the other side of the barn and felt his teeth grind together as he anticipated having to correct him on procedure yet again, but thankfully that didn't happen now. Three knocks came against the wooden wall instead; two quick taps, followed by a pause before the third.
"Yes, sir." Despite the answer coming in a whisper, the inflection and pace that came with the words confirmed Doctor Kufo's identify to Daron.
"So I need to know - what is happening with your crop production? I've been wondering how you've done, both for quantity and how folks like the taste. I've been waiting for months. I see you gather all of that corn, all of the vegetables. You have it out there. But I don't see nobody taking it besides me. I have people looking out, I've been asking around, and everyone tells me they're getting it from Tarro's pal instead. So what's this about?"
"That's the thing. We are selling it, we are moving it, but not in the open. People are coming to us in the middle of the night or on the side. They are keeping their transactions with us a secret."
"What? You have been selling? Really?"
"Yes sir! We are indeed bringing out new product as our old crop gets bought."
Daron turned his head away from the wall and looked blankly forward into the darkness of the barn. The people were buying their crops, but in secret. In secret. An underground market had actually formed for their goods. Was the Reverend's power really that great, if not that of the church which he represented? Since when did the common type of person living on this farm have such a seeming concern about the judgement of others? What mattered to Daron more, though, was knowing that this all likely came about because of that public display which was held earlier in the year. The Reverend's interpretation of that as a confrontation appeared to have created this kind of effect after all. He then knew that a different course needed to be taken in the future, but what kind of communication and relationship should these doctors have with himself or the rest of the community at large?
"Sir?" Doctor Kufo was beginning to wonder why the conversation came to a sudden and prolonged stop.
"Doc, we need to set new rules. This is all my fault, and it shouldn't have been like this."
"New rules? What about?"
"Well, one thing's for sure; as long as Tarro's here, you guys can't make a public spectacle of your work like you've done before. At best, it'll make a shadow market like you got here, and at worse, it'll ruin your work. I can't have that."
"Sir, as long as we're able to put our product to use and sale, one way or another, we can handle-"
"No, no, no! Not like that, no. This is my farm, this is my property, and he came here to live on my property, and I will not have him assume a higher authority than me on my own fucking property, do you understand? You and the rest of us here, we're a family here, and I will not have someone from the outside come into my family and lay law in it. No."
"Uh, I uh, understand then, yes. What are we going to do, then?"
"We'll have to think about it. But above all, we'll have to keep quiet. Even more so now." After saying this, Daron turned on his heels and quickly stepped out of the barn, and returned to his house while wondering how he wasn't able to tell that the black market had arisen right under his nose.


I didn't leave myself a lot of time for that today. Oh well.

Song session was mostly good today as far as new records go and plays which weren't, but not clearing Step Into The New World is always a pain, and today was the first time I muffed Lab H14, which is rather embarrassing. When I saw 秩序の秋桜 greet me at the start, I figured to stay with it just to get it out of the way, and I think that was the right call. The session was good overall until the very end, where even after a full hour of otherwise good play, I can only manage almost -8% off of record with Saffron Beach Driving. To hell with that chart. The next song to come up after that was done was Cheerful Forest, and I knew that I had enough of the game by that point.

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
秩序の秋桜 @		23.29 E		2020.F	652.716.1134.456.2385	0044	4336			2013-11-09T01:50:02:720Z
0/7			01.34-		0117-

s!ck @			36.78 D		1795.F	636.523.649.257.1020	0125	2440	1416	072.31	2013-11-09T01:53:06:343Z
0/5			01.58+		0077+	64+51-17+5+64+		0027+				2013-10-16T01:05:33:650Z

蛇神 @			42.63 D		1892.F	665.562.520.205.819	0041	2219	1473	050.64	2013-11-09T01:56:42:046Z
0/9			00.88+		0039+	14+11+41+10+6+		0002-				2013-09-20T01:05:33:045Z

moon @			68.28 A		1972.F	774.424.117.20.122	0137	1444			2013-11-09T02:00:29:800Z
0/7			01.28-		0037-

step into new world @	72.00 A		1505.F	586.333.100.11.43	0284	1045			2013-11-09T02:03:21:961Z
1/5			00.33-		0007-

why did you go away b @	58.21 B		1814.4F	674.466.254.66.244	0145	1558			2013-11-09T02:06:17:849Z
0/4			02.53-		0079-

kiseki @		71.47 A		1421.F	540.341.96.4.26		0344	0994	0948	004.85	2013-11-09T02:11:35:249Z
0/5			01.25+		0025+	4-33+17-2-20-		0199+				2013-07-09T03:44:48:849Z

all my turn B14 @	33.07 E		1738.F	577.584.734.279.1110	0093	2627	1729	051.93	2013-11-09T02:15:07:720Z
0/7			00.36+		0019+	19-57+55+44-95+		0027+				2012-04-16T02:23:10:912Z

山岡晃の「クイズ!」 @	54.42 C		1760.F	649.462.295.58.290	0202	1617	1012	059.78	2013-11-09T02:20:52:873Z
0/6			06.28+		0203+	98+7+62-51-70-		0001+				2013-08-14T00:43:46:056Z

sweetest savage @	64.92 B		1305.F	492.321.138.14.90	0105	1005	0751	033.82	2013-11-09T02:26:52:971Z
0/5			01.44+		0029+	25+21-7+9-11-		0059-				2013-07-11T03:17:53:644Z

のきさらむ 虫の音 @	44.14 D		2217.F	771.675.588.173.646	0046	2511	1687	048.84	2013-11-09T02:30:33:288Z
0/3			01.35+		0068+	28+12+5-30-60-		0016-				2013-10-20T01:02:43:328Z

lab H14 @		69.20 A		1470.F	560.350.126.4.40	0170	1062			2013-11-09T02:34:34:793Z
2/4			01.41+		0030+

drop @			58.51 B		1656.F	579.498.253.20.164	0143	1415			2013-11-09T02:40:00:655Z
0/7			02.40-		0068-

maria @			75.07 A		1476.P	570.336.62.2.21		0255	0983			2013-11-09T02:43:28:176Z
7/7			01.78-		0035-

saffron beach driving @	59.07 B		1907.F	672.563.267.35.197	0082	1614			2013-11-09T02:52:42:024Z
0/11			07.96-		0257-

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