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Mutation Nation 3026500 pts. 1CC

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Here is Mutation Nation, totally destroyed on default MVS difficulty 4.

This is one of the better from the Neo-Geo's sparse selection of belt scroll/beat'em ups. It's got some cool special attack items- charge up the ki meter, then let one loose. This is helpful to your score in case of several "sniper" enemies entering at once, so you can kill all three instantly to keep any from escaping. Type-D is my favorite- you are turned into a tornado which goes all over the screen, doing grave damage. When A+B are hit together, you do a Knockdown Upper that sends an enemy flying (and others that you send the target into will fall over also- they don't take damage, but this is good for getting them off your back for a second).

Stage 1-1's last midboss is great for leeching. Just don't dick around too long or he'll time out, leaving you down 5000 pts.

EOS Bosses sometimes get cheap- esp. the 5th stage one. If one of the two aliens knocks you down, the other may move in to try for a hit as you're getting up.

It's possible to seriously rip on a midboss with a "Shifting" technique like Final Fight. Catch him in an infinite punch loop and hammer him until he's out. You'll see this used in a few places here. Be careful trying it on EOS Bosses, because it seems that shift combos can actually be broken by at least the ones in stage 2 & 4.

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