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In which I bitch about the lack of customer service....oh, iPhones.

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I decided after a lot of late night article reading and youtube comparison videos - i wanted to get an iPhone 4. My current cell phone plan will run out in a few weeks, so I figured I'd take the plunge and get one of these newfangled smartphones. I know there's lots of smartphones out there, however, I am a 25 year old girl and apple enjoys marketing to me. Coincidentally, the boyfriend hates his shitty month to month current phone/plan, so we both decided, "hey! let's go down to the at&t store and get us some iPhones!" I grab my large wad of cash and off we go to at&t store #1.
We walk in, I tell the gangly sales dude that I'm interested in an iPhone 4.
"Oh, we're sold out of those."
"Yeah we don't know when we're getting any more in stock."
"So, uh...?"
"well, you can reserve one. It has to be on a credit card though, not a debit card and we don't take cash. I don't know when we're going to get any in though. And they are totally sold out everywhere. everywhere." (You're telling me that GAMESTOP has a better reserve system than you guys?)
"......ok? so what are my options?"
"If you don't want to reserve one with a credit card I can't help you. And they are sold out everywhere. Yup. everywhere. "
"......ok see ya dude."
(note: I don't have a credit card because i am a compulsive shopper and i thought it would be best if i didn't go down that road of being morbidly in debt by the time i'm 30. very un-american, I know.)

So we leave the at&t store, which I'm kind of questioning, because I haven't heard ANYTHING about iPhone shortages for months. When you google "iPhone 4 shortages" you get articles from June. I figured, being August, and being one of the craziest selling items of the year, maybe apple would have dealt with this by now. Ok, fine, let's go to the Apple store! Maybe they have more information.
Go to apple store, apple store is mobbed. (as always.)
Wait around.
Employees talking amongst themselves, make eye contact with me, turn away. I know, crowded stores suck.
Wait a bit longer.
Flag down a guy.
Ask, "Hey! Do you guys have any iPhone 4s in stock?"
He begins walking away and says "oh we just have the 32 Gig model," and crosses the store to go talk to another employee.
".....what if that's the one I want?" Of course, he can't hear me. Being across the store and all.

I make a face sort of like this.
I'm frustrated at this point, and leave. I figured I'll just order it online.
ughhh. I know customer service blows, but seriously. I just want my phone. I don't think I was being impolite or unreasonable. /vent

sidenote: apparently the iPhone 4 is sold out on the apple store for 3 weeks+! I think I'm going with a 3GS for now.

Also: tl, dr. sorry.

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  1. Pineapple's Avatar
    Dude, I sell them over the phone, and we have them in stock. Why the hell wouldn't you just gimme a call?!?!? FOR REALS I'LL BE THERE ALL DAY TOMORROW!!!!
  2. Dunlap's Avatar
    Should've bought the phone at the Apple store, no need to let the guy piss you off AND keep you from your new toy.
  3. Satsuki's Avatar
    Pineapple - awww thank you. It's ok, I found out yesterday that the boyfriend gets some ridiculous discount on 3GS through his work, so I figure I'll save the extra cash.
    Dunlap - I totally agree, I kind of wish I would have...I was just so fed up at that point with lame service that I needed to go chill out.
  4. kingoffighters's Avatar
    should have went with a droid
  5. Finch's Avatar
    I was going to say HTC Evo 4G. It's a very nice phone-like device! Apple has a particular way of defecating in its customers' faces and expecting thanks for it that rubs me the wrong way. I will always use a Mac, but fuck Apple and its shitty attitude.
    Good job and keep avoiding the credit card game, Satsuki. It's a nasty path.
  6. Doc Holliday's Avatar
    I like my iPhone. I can't imagine living without it.
  7. Satsuki's Avatar
    hahah i'm not getting a droid...simply because i don't really think it's marketed toward me? i don't really dig on the look and feel of it, it's very "guyish" to me. this is ok of course, for a dude!
    the HTC evo actually doesn't look so bad as far as smartphones go. I mean, if this is too much of a hassle to deal with at&t and their crappy crap, i will have to go with another option. I'm pretty set on an iPhone, but i am not set on all these hoops i'm having to go through to get one.
  8. Gymkata's Avatar
    You know you could girl up whatever you get. My friend has seen the most estrogen, girled up thing ever and that was her droid phone. Get you some bedazzler, John Stamos wallpaper, and Twilight stickers or whatever you girls are into these days. You kin doo eet.
  9. Satsuki's Avatar
    i'm thinking something like this...


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