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Fe 26

Big fish in a little pond

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It really isn't hard to know if you are intelligent in the south. You tend to stick out like a dragqueen with her hair on fire.

case in point, this is a real tv ad in MS.

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  1. Vasteel's Avatar
    If you have such a problem with the South, please feel free to get the fuck out of my country anytime.
  2. Joust Williams's Avatar
    Nolan Bros are smart, they know how to market
  3. Yoshi's Avatar
    Buttplant26, you stick out like a drag queen with her hair on fire, but I think you've misdiagnosed the root cause.
  4. Fe 26's Avatar
    No, I am aware that it is because I am awesome.

  5. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    catchy tune. had a beat you could really dance to.
  6. Yoshi's Avatar
    Awesome like that broken link?
  7. Fe 26's Avatar
    you're a dumb dumb head, Yoshi

    and you smell like poop
  8. dave is ok's Avatar
    Ironplant is a dumb fish in a nearly retarded pond
  9. Fe 26's Avatar
    you're an asshole, dave
  10. Diff-chan's Avatar
    Butt gets upset whenever I call his homeland a bunch of inbred hicks yet everything he posts proves me correct.
  11. Fe 26's Avatar
    There is a difference at laughing with someone, and throwing rocks up side their head
  12. Joust Williams's Avatar
  13. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    he's saying there is a difference at (?) making sweet love to a woman, and driving her to work.
  14. PaCrappa's Avatar
    That gorilla rules.
  15. Yoshi's Avatar
  16. Revoltor's Avatar
    If I were in MS in the market for a used car, yeah, I'd go to Nolan Brothers over Aryan Andy's Used Auto Palace.


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