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LB log - 20140502

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Still no IRS acknowledgement and the weekend is here. Individual tax season is done. I've been thinking about resuming it, so let's go.


19240422 06:48:12


The snoring continued uninterrupted. She made a second attempt by bending over and speaking louder.
His body mode slightly and involuntarily but the snoring still didn't stop. His head was nearly face down onto the sofa pillow. After a brief moment of hesitation and a sigh, she resorted to physically agitating him to get him awake. Pressing on his shoulder enough to rock his body side to side still wasn't enough. Alice repositioned her feet a half pace backwards and slowly reached her hand in to brush against his ear. Greg's left arm suddenly thrust out towards her, but came slowly enough that she managed to weave her body to the side to avoid being hit. As he slowly rustled himself awake and raised his head upwards, the pillow clung to his cheek for a moment before it dropped away in an audibly sticky detachment that left a streak of discolored brown on the fabric. She winced in reaction to seeing the stain.
"Wh-" He was only able to produce half of a syllable before the dryness on his tongue met his mouth and caused him to cough in heaves. Some subsequent deep breaths through the nose indicated that there was some kind of blockage in those passages as well. Once he was able to speak, the words still sounded as if they came from someone much older and frail.
"I have to go to work soon, Greg, I wanted to tell you good bye. I made some coffee for you."
He turned his head to face Alice directly but didn't have enough strength to fully open his eyes yet.
"Ygnh... you. You woke me up for that? Nghf, f. Fucking." After a sigh, his voice was down to a grated whisper. "Fuck. Fine. Fine. Bring it here then, will ya."
Alice blinked twice, then walked over to the kitchen to fulfill the request. She quickly returned with the half filled mug held in both hands and resumed standing at his side. He twisted his body in place so that he could hoist his torso upwards and receive the beverage, which he indicated as ready to receive by limply waving his arm out towards her.
"Thanks." His response sputtered between his lips as he brought the mug to his face. He tilted the cup back and felt the repulsion hit him immediately in the nose. The aroma from the liquid was from some kind of vegetation, yes, but nothing which registered as coffee in his brain. He interpreted the odor was as if someone had made a tea out of tree bark. Then the liquid poured over his tongue and down his throat and he sensed his very breath stop cold in his mouth as his neck contracted in a vain attempt to restrict the coffee from being consumed. The bitterness wasn't savory but acidic and artificial. Greg covered his mouth and coughed in surprise, and felt some drops of the coffee coarse over his fingers. Alice nervously stepped backwards as glared at her and pulled his hands away to wipe the wet fingers against his clothes.
"What the fuck kind of fucking coffee is that?" His voice and focus was suddenly much clearer.
"Oh uh, I. I don't know. We get it at work, for free. It's in some silver bag, no name, I don't know what it is."
"I-" He coughed more and darted his head around the room before realizing that the phlegm which he had accumulated had nowhere to go but remain inside his mouth. The act of swallowing was equally painful and nauseating. "I don't think that is fucking coffee. That's like grass or some shit. The fuck."
"W, well, I'm sorry Greg, I didn't-"
"Fuck, whatever. Got me awake at least. Fucking christ. Ugh. Well shit I gotta go now, I gotta go get that taste out of my mouth. Maybe lick a horse's ass or something, fucking Jesus."
Pulaski instantly stood up and hurriedly walked to door with a slight wobble still in his step. Alice remained motionless for a full minute as she stared at the door. It was the last time he spoke to her.

Songs were sort of bad today. Seems like Jack is yet another song for which I'll have to wait for a fortunate random to ever come close to the previous high ever again. I had a crash, but thankfully it happened with the very first song played in EX.

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).

			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
avant guerre @		64.35 B		1385.F	505.375.161.9.57	0387	1076			2014-05-02T23:35:50:447Z
0/10			04.27-		0092-	

to you @		47.71 C		1631.F	591.449.395.122.387	0184	1709			2014-05-02T23:38:36:262Z
0/8			07.13-		0244-

jack @			50.39 C		1670.F	598.474.404.50.289	0141	1657			2014-05-02T23:43:44:103Z
0/10			08.56-		0284-

silvia drive @		61.34 B		1692.F	629.434.250.20.90	0098	1379			2014-05-02T23:46:33:495Z
2/7			05.54-		0153-

endless dance  @	48.64 C		1762.F	627.508.380.104.432	0068	1811			2014-05-02T23:46:33:495Z
0/7			01.35-		0049-

empire state glory @	48.95 C		1865.F	684.497.429.139.518	0243	1905			2014-05-02T23:52:20:486Z
0/6			02.54-		0097-

go go maniac @		23.23 E		1263.F	395.473.879.321.1275	0025	2718	1676	062.17	2014-05-02T23:59:44:631Z

love will @		79.26 AA	1151.P	465.		0264	0726			2014-05-02T23:59:51:534Z
11/11			03.65-		0053-

エナジーストリーム mix@	28.62 E		1339.F	434.471.422.347.1118	0099	2339	1802	029.80	2014-05-03T00:06:08:838Z

final strike @		33.10 E		1530.F	501.528.655.292.941	0079	2311	0933	147.69	2014-05-03T00:10:04:926Z
0/2			02.82+		0130+	16+98+24-36-21+		0022+				2014-01-18T04:11:28:290Z

cosmo terminal @	36.84 D		1555.F	539.477.555.208.729	0258	2110			2014-05-03T00:16:09:374Z
0/4			03.69-		0156-

insomnia @		32.41 E		1624.F	552.520.696.311.1154	044	2505			2014-05-03T00:21:07:790Z
0/2			05.88-		0295-

banana man @		38.73 D		1871.F	614.643.608.181.778	0059	2415	1138	112.21	2014-05-03T00:26:30:015Z

罠 @			70.24 A		1697F	657.383.101.16.104	0130	1208			2014-05-03T00:29:54:470Z
0/8			03.47-		0084-

midnight phonic @	27.02 E		1596.F	504.588.933.393.1399	0030	2953	2151	037.28	2014-05-03T00:36:25:590Z

change the world @	55.55 B		1951.F	703.545.300.67.299	0085	1756			2014-05-03T00:43:29:566Z
0/12			04.72-		0166-

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