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Now a word from your quietest poster...

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If not the quietest, then certainly up there. Why?

A few reasons,

I can't spell for shit. Think IP bad. Even with fastidious spell checking, it get's quite tiring when I have tons of errors.

I am not used to expressing my opinions. Don't ask, but I'm just not open to having what I think bashed, insulted, and declared wrong.

So I post very, very little. I also don't talk about or express my opinions with anyone. My fella mentioned this the other day to me, and I hadn't noticed that I was doing it so thoroughly still. (Brillant, I had to look up how to spell that word. Thanks brain.)

I've started this strange little book project, more like through back to my 2d class in Art School. These are much larger pages, and I'm actually fucking expressing my thoughts, feelings, observations. Cathartic.

I do always find it amusing that my post count on this board is less than a post a day, usually it's around 0.6 or so. I read this at breakfast, I read this board a bit after work. But I say nothing.

Mainly I want to call a poster out for being a fucking idiot, or doing something I find rude, fucked up or w/e. I leave more rep comments than posts I think on a weekly basis.

I don't understand this, and while I don't really care, I feel like there is a discrepancy in what I should feel fine about expressing on a message board (for pete's sake, I'm 26) and what I actually click enter on.

Often I'll type out a post only to delete it with a self deprecating shake of the head.

Perhaps my little project will change that.

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  1. Changeling's Avatar
    You are thinking too hard for this board. Just let shit fly and have fun.
  2. Shakey's Avatar
    I don't really get this. I've heard plenty of your opinions.
  3. dave is ok's Avatar
    You can call me a fucking idiot whenever you want.

    (and probably have at some point)
  4. Cowutopia's Avatar
  5. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    I've wondered where you disappeared to. I just put it on you having a b/f now.
  6. Opaque's Avatar
    I feel proud that I recently coaxed you out of lurking to post.
  7. Drewbacca's Avatar
    If you don't feel comfortable expressing yourself and just like to read then just do that. There's no point or pressure to change yourself in to something you aren't.

    Get yours any way you can. If that means lurking more than posting so be it. Fuck the rest.
  8. 's Avatar
    What the Canadian is politely trying to say is

    □ TITS
    □ GTFO

  9. YellerDog's Avatar
    Jesus M. Talk talk talk. All the time.
  10. kedawa's Avatar
    Do you have an opinion on this?

  11. PaCrappa's Avatar
    I'm with Shakey. You got opinions and you're not quiet about them. If you've changed, I blame California.

    Also: For days at the top of the main forum page I would see the latest post as:

    Metroid: The Other

    So it looked like you were posting constantly in one thread. And I would think "dang they must be playin hecka Metroid down in Cali these days". And then I realized the name of the game is "Metroid: Other M". It felt real good to know I was so out of touch with videogames
    Updated 30 Aug 2010 at 01:19 PM by PaCrappa
  12. Compass's Avatar
    "Often I'll type out a post only to delete it with a self deprecating shake of the head."

    Aww. Cute.


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