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Hot Like Wasabi

Childhood memories: The NES years

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I've been thinking of my childhood years in terms of gaming recently and I wanted to compile a list of games that stand out the most and what I remember spending hours upon hours on.

10. Ghostbusters II

9. Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout

8. Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers

7. Mega Man 2

6. Totally Rad

5. Super Mario Bros. 3

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

3. Duck Tales

2. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

1. Metroid

Looking back on this list, outside of a few games, the list is pretty much the run of the mill games for the NES. I had about 30 games for the NES before I got rid of it to make money for the N64 but these are the games that stand out the most.
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Updated 29 Aug 2010 at 09:30 PM by Hot Like Wasabi

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  1. NeoZeedeater's Avatar
    Totally Rad never did live up to its name but it was still pretty cool.
  2. Timber's Avatar
    I guess MobyGames really is the definitive resource for PC games, although I'm not sure what that has to do with the NES.

    And I really hope your talking about the Japanese/European Ghostbusters 2 and not the Activision one that came out over here. That thing was a pile of hot garbage.
    Updated 29 Aug 2010 at 06:48 PM by Timber
  3. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Those images are nsfw
  4. StriderKyo's Avatar
    Dude, attach function is mandatory.
  5. Hot Like Wasabi's Avatar
    Fixed, sorry!

    Timber - I agree, it was hot garbage, lol. But I played the hell out of it for some reason. Bad taste? Probably
  6. StriderKyo's Avatar
    Looking back, stuff I remember:

    Ninja Gaiden
    Mega Man 1&2
    Destiny of an Emperor
    Castlevania III
    Golgo 13
    Tombs & Treasure
    The Immortal

    NES was such an epic system it feels bad to only list 10, I'm looking at that and I can't believe I didn't write down Blaster Master, Batman, Ninja Turtles, Ice Hockey, Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior, Tecmo Super Bowl, Zanac, Super C etc. etc. etc.
  7. Timber's Avatar
    Destiny of an Emperor!

    I rented that game for about 2 months straight before I got around to beating it (thanks to 50 cent, week long NES rentals from Phar-Mor)
  8. StriderKyo's Avatar
    I bought it on a trip to an outlet mall in Buffalo, never having heard of it before. I just liked the theme and figured a Capcom RPG (had there ever been such a thing before?) had to be rad. Turned out to be one of the best gaming purchases I ever made, though I find the fights to be interminably long today.
  9. Vasteel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Timber
    Destiny of an Emperor!

    I rented that game for about 2 months straight before I got around to beating it (thanks to 50 cent, week long NES rentals from Phar-Mor)
    Dude, Phar-Mor was how I did most of my gaming as a kid! Yes!
  10. Hot Like Wasabi's Avatar
    Yeah, I left out a lot and keeping it to 10 was pretty hard. Battletoads, Bad Dudes, Dr. Mario, Air Fortress, Batman, the list goes on and on. Those were some kick ass times.
  11. Changeling's Avatar
    StriderKyo is a fucking man's man for having The Immortal and Golgo 13 in his list.
  12. Chux's Avatar
    NES games that I specifically remember from childhood:

    Megaman 2: Rented from the video game place I came in 2nd place at, got it for Christmas that year.
    SMB2: Mom and Dad ordered it via UPS, was first kid on the block to have it wtf.
    Ninja Gaiden 2: I used to call my ninja clones Bill and Ted.
    Batman: Saw the movie at a drive through in Deep Creek, got the game after.
    Journey to Silius: Got this for like $5 from some dept store.
    Castlevania 2: My parents watched Twins the night I got this. I was so mad, it was the only tv in the house then.
    1943: Played the HELL out of this game.
    Milon's Secret Castle: No lie, my mom's favorite game.
  13. NeoZeedeater's Avatar
    I loved The Immortal but the NES version was completely butchered.
  14. Changeling's Avatar
    It was. The Genny version was the shit tho.
  15. StriderKyo's Avatar
    Yeah, I remember the Amiga version being the one to get but I didn't have one. Still remember the trick you had to use to beat the dragon at the end, how that item was useless the whole way through the game until the very end. I wish that EA was still around instead of the one we ended up with.

    Journey to Silius was awesome, I remember renting that and the animation and music (especially the length of the songs) blew my mind.
  16. Low's Avatar
    Castlevania III, Ninja Gaiden 1-3, Mafat Conspiracy, Blaster Master, RC Pro-Am, Guardian Legend, River City Ransom, Battle of Olympus

    I sold off a ton of NES games five years ago and gave my old system to a friend who wanted to mod it into a harddrive. Couldn't part with these though, even though they can be emulated and the carts may never see a NES again, they were some of the best memories I had as a kid.
  17. YellerDog's Avatar
    Contra: My very first NES game besides Super Mario Bros! My parents were convinced it had something to do with Iran-Contra, so I had to play it at a friend's house, haha. We could make it to the snow level without taking a hit, no problem.
    River City Ransom: Rented on a lark from the local strip mall in Ft. Lauderdale, subsequently rented many, many more times. My favorite game I have never owned a copy of, easily.
    Shatterhand: For some reason this was a big one. One of the best platformers in which dudes get punched!
    Super Mario Bros 2: Plucking a rocket ship out of the ground is still amazing.
    Batman: Everything about this game is gold.
    Ghostbusters: I hate this game, but have spent countless hours playing it! It's just this side of abstract, something about that was really compelling I guess. Fuck those stairs, seriously.
    G.I. Joe: Such a good game! Leveling up all the characters and digging through those last few Cobra base levels was a good time.
    Mega Man 3: I like it slightly more than 2. It's all about making up lyrics to Snake Man's theme.
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: I always liked how they had the red masks from the comics on the box art. Sheer hatred for those water levels, even though we figured 'em out after a while.
    Abadox: This was the sickest damn thing for a long while, but we still played the hell out of it; all intestines and skinned cows and what-not.
  18. Hot Like Wasabi's Avatar
    Yellerdog - The water level in TMNT is by far one of the toughest levels in any NES game. I never did get any further then the level after the water level.
  19. jyoung's Avatar
    I played Game Boy since I never had a NES.

    All the NES games I played were at friends' or cousins' houses:

    RC Pro-AM
    Tecmo Super Bowl
    Arch Rivals
    Ghosts N Goblins

    Good times.


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