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There is only so much time for <input your favorite hobby>

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Anyone who knows me know that I love videogames. Been playing it since my parents made a bet with me to buy me the Atari 2600 if I could finish 3rd in my class (of course, they didn't think I could to it and I showed them and never looked back). Videogames is a big part of my life, I like to read/discuss and of course, play a lot of games after a day of hardwork and everyone goes to bed.

But every so often, I lose the desire to even play my favorite games. It usually coincides with periods of my life where a lot of stuff is happening. For the past month or so, I barely played anything because I am in the process of selling my condos and moving to a new state/town. I feel so (mentally & physically) exhausted by the end of the day that the last thing I want to do is play a game. It makes me reflect on this hobby as a whole. Certainly, I don't see anything wrong with playing games but perhaps, I should invest my time in doing other things that might be more "beneficial" (whatever that means).

I will be back playing games though, probably once I sold my place and know where I am moving to.

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  1. YellerDog's Avatar
    I think a lot of us are hitting this point at the same time.
  2. PaCrappa's Avatar
    I think I've finally gotten to the bottom of my beef with videogames. No matter what anyone 'learns' or 'achieves' or 'experiences' in video games all that person has done is stare at a glowing rectangle and wiggle his/her thumbs, fingers and wrists.

    As Josh once said: "videogames are a great diversion but a shit hobby".
  3. Josh's Avatar
    I said that? Man, I'm awesome.
  4. Changeling's Avatar
    Your mom.
  5. NeoZeedeater's Avatar
    PaCrappa, you could say something that for most hobbies so I don't know why people often single out/downplay video games. You could say watching movies is just staring at a screen or listening to music is just taking in sound. I'm sure all these art forms would be even more fulfilling if you can create games/movies/music/etc. yourself but most of us don't have that talent. I have always wished I could have artistic talent but it's not there, at least not in any way I can express.

    Anyway, it doesn't sound like kof doesn't like games anymore, he just doesn't want to play them when exhausted. That makes sense to me given that it's something that requires mental energy to focus on.
    Updated 30 Aug 2010 at 06:12 PM by NeoZeedeater
  6. rezo's Avatar
    PaCrappa, you could say something that for most hobbies so I don't know why people often single out/downplay video games.
    I don't know if video games are singled out beyond the fact that we're surrounded by people playing them, but I think generally when people take a step back from games they're likely to be cutting back on things like movies and music as well, or just didn't devote much time to them in the first place.

    Also, talent has little to do with creating art. I know someone who has spent years making music but thinks I'm a wizard if I play a chord. If someone wants to create then they just do it, regardless of their ability level.
  7. PaCrappa's Avatar
    Exactly rezo. My mom's been in town. She's into sedentary stuff and so is my brother. We watched a movie at his house. The second it was over what did he do? He put on another fucking movie...

    I spend about an hour or so each day reading books or comic books. I'm rarely online for more than fifteen minutes in a sitting and my average day adds up to maybe an hour's worth or a tad more. I watch about a movie a week and sometimes if me and my gf eat dinner at home we watch an episode of Mr Show or The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer or whatever. Games generally demand more time and because of that I play like once a month, if that. And that's all I can stand with these types of hobbies. I'm really into my hobbies being activities. Things that get the body and mind going together. Right at the moment the big ones are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and guitar playing/guitar electronics. I grew up on skateboarding and snowboarding.

    I feel like gaming/watching/reading as a hobby leaves out the body. Your mind may go places but your body is not fucking fooled by any of it. And even though I like things like running, calisthenics and lifting weights, I don't feel like I get any self expression in that type of arena so while those things are beneficial I feel a part of me is left out, just like a part of me is left out when it's glowing rectangle time.

    Videogames don't need to go away. I bet I still have WAY more of them than the average user of this gaming forum. I don't even think focusing on them is necessarily bad. NeoZeedeater has his head screwed on straight and Master is going to need upgrade his breadrake to handle all that money they throw his way. But it has to be obvious that some people focus on this stuff (sedentary glowing rectangle hobbies) in a way that is detrimental to themselves, their loved ones and maybe even society. The glowing rectangle can be the same as nastyass hard drugs in that respect and if I'm to be a part of the solution more than a part of the problem I'll need to strictly moderate.

    BTW, it is not my intention to say that people should share my views. I'm telling you how I feel about this stuff in regards my own life.
  8. Cowutopia's Avatar
    I like going on gaming holidays for like a week at a time or so. I get involved heavily with books the same way, I go on like a reading holiday, but I prefer to balance my days out with many activities physical and mental.
  9. GohanX's Avatar
    I was like that for a time until I found a secondary hobby. I got into fixing cars (or tinkering with machines in general) and that is a pretty rewarding experience. I often switch between paying attention the cars and playing videogames when I get bored of one or the other. The car thing is much more rewarding, it's a great feeling taking a beat up POS and making it into an awesome beat up POS. Unfortunately it's also more expensive than buying cheap used games.
  10. ElCapichan's Avatar
    NHL 11!!!!!!
  11. kingoffighters's Avatar
    NHL 11 will definitely suck me back into gaming.


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