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LB log - 2016 Week 43

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One night I'm at G1 and asked to get something that's spotted at the side of a rail track. When hooking up to a trailer and in the process of retracting the landing gear to prepare for moving it, there are three main things which happen. One, a whine of leaking air comes from the rear of the tractor as the weight of the trailer compresses the supports. Two, the visible space between the base and feet of the landing gear shrinks. Three, the landing gear feet visibly rise up from the ground as it is retracted. The trailer I'm hooking up to is very close to another one directly across from it, so I have to hook up to it at a near right angle. This isn't unusual. There's a railyard crane coming near as I'm doing this, and it's a major offense to move a vehicle underneath an operating crane, so I'm trying to hurry to at least pull it away and then do the rest of the hook up out of the way. I'm cranking the landing gear and it's spinning, which indicates that I'm going the right way, because if I weren't, it would take a lot more effort to crank it as I would be trying to raise the trailer and its weight by these means itself. So the trailer should be going down. I look down and see that the distance between the base and the feet of the landing gear is decreasing. However, the feet are still touching the ground and I don't hear any air being squeezed out from the tractor. I stop and look up and notice that the entire trailer is tilting towards me. The tractor was not fully hooked into the kingpin, and the fifth wheel rests at an angle, and the surface of the pavement underneath everything was gently inclined towards the rail, so my cranking was causing the entire trailer to shift its weight to its side. I estimate that the angle of tilt was at least ten degrees if not more. From this point I gingerly maniuplated the fifth wheel suspension and cranked the landing gear in low setting so that I could eventually get it aligned properly. That was rather frightful. Had I not paid any attention and kept turning the gear, for all I know I might have managed to tip the entire trailer over and crash on top of me.

Some days later it's very windy, and after I'm done with a move I leave from NS63 without a trailer. I exit to an unused vacant street and open my door to attend to some business. As I'm opening the door, the wind carries it out of my hand and I notice a peculiar noise emit as it flies open. I take care of the business, return, and come to notice that the door will now not shut. After some time and eventually having some coworkers come around, I've come to discover that the updraft managed to bend the door at the hinge. With nothing but a few rubber straps hooked against the frame, and my hammer to use as an additional handle into the door, I had to drive back to the garage on the expressway with the door unable to be fully shut.

After these two days, I decided to take a hint and enjoy both of my scheduled days off rather than come in for an extra sixth.

I didn't make much time to play Extra Mode songs this week and instead have been playing the normal charts for some new songs acquired so that I can apply proper volume adjustment beforehand. It's been nice. Having more of the Pendual files is helpful. My arcade session didn't feel as poor this week as last and I had it end with a new clear, so I was happy about that.

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).

			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
brynhildr		26.65 E		1713.F	547.619.1004.430.1465	0055	3213			2016-10-16T12:45:01:073Z
0/2			01.04-		0067-

now and forever		58.78 B		1820.F	653.514.288.35.183	0334	1548			2016-10-16T12:47:58:993Z
0/12			00.45-		0014-

blcoks			64.36 B		1326.F	499.328.164.4.61	0149	1030			2016-10-16T12:50:30:180Z
0/16			02.03-		0042-

天上天華		44.72 C		1348.F	467.414.378.91.320	0066	1507	1128	033.59	2016-10-16T12:53:27:520Z
0/4			00.07+		0002+	20-42+30+8+50-		0029-				2014-02-26T02:28:14:721Z

exe			58.41 B		1750.F	649.452.295.47.174	0141	1498			2016-10-16T12:56:40:826Z
0/13			00.66-		0020-

Bの悲劇 		33.94 D		1552.F	509.534.687.292.935	0044	2286			2016-10-16T13:01:10:532Z
0/4			05.22-		0239-

defeated wings		32.85 E		2108.F	682.744.958.381.1293	0054	3208			2016-10-16T13:07:15:921Z
0/5			00.15-		0010-

visibilizer		46.44 C		2194.F	796.602.452.197.817	0100	2362			2016-10-16T13:10:23:942Z
0/4			02.90-		0137-

dancin into the night	80.59 AA	0382.P		0237	0237	0237	0	2016-10-16T13:14:03:427Z
2/2			01.90+		0009+	6+3-2-01-		0045+				2012-08-15T23:44:44:816Z

恋わずらい 2866		30.49 E		1748.F	563.622.912.409.1126	0042	2866			2016-10-16T13:17:16:083Z
0/2			01.44-		0083-

star trail		61.25 B		1660.F	626.408.227.42.162	0281	1355			2016-10-17T12:40:26:820Z
0/16			02.61-		0071-

ska a go go		69.82 A		0803.F	312.		0260	0575	0575	0	2016-10-17T12:44:27:640Z
0/8			01.22+		0014+	6+2+2+09-		0006+				2013-07-25T00:39:02:787Z

pyrenaei		51.78 C		1739.F	601.537.376.51.257	0089	1679			2016-10-17T12:47:36:413Z
0/7			03.36-		0113-

ミッドナイト堕天使 A 	57.74 B		1960.F	724.512.315.80.245	0196	1697	1123	051.11	2016-10-17T12:52:00:456Z
0/11			02.06+		0070+	47+24-32+13+40-		0037+				2015-08-05T20:35:51:094Z

ニュークリア価値観	55.09 C		3091.F	1141.809.575.136.475	0114	2805	1240	126.20	2016-10-17T12:56:34:556Z
0/2			04.86+		0273+	138+3-83-19+77+		0020+				2015-10-23T19:01:55:822Z

ay caramba		66.89 A		1354.F	495.364.114.13.70	0157	1012			2016-10-17T13:00:51:176Z
3/8			00.74-		0015-

soldiers waltz		63.02 B		1727.F	645.437.168.45.226	0080	1370			2016-10-17T13:03:40:245Z
0/14			02.91-		0080-

proof of the existence	36.87 D		1689.F	567.555.637.288.911	0065	2290			2016-10-17T13:08:31:600Z
0/9			03.27-		0150-

going to love me	68.49 A		1689.F	646.397.139.21.93	0336	1233			2016-10-17T13:12:36:262Z
2/4			02.31+		0057+

wonder bullfighter	64.54 B		1469.F	539.391.154.5.105	0092	1138			2016-10-17T13:16:36:017Z
0/17			01.88-		0043-

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