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Narc (AC) - 3,925,025 pts. 1CC

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Narc is not an unfair game, but rather a good challenge. Being a bit greedy helps so you can rack up some extra lives (every 100,000). You'll also get a free rocket with every 1up. Stage 3 (the bridge) is a great place for this- I had a 610K EOS bonus there. This was done on the default difficulty, 3/10.

Stage 1: 50 busts.
Stage 2: Didn't try for 50 busts. Maybe I should've. Held onto those rockets. There's a better place to use them anyway.
Stage 3: 50 busts & lots of crack picked up from downed helicopters. If you have the car & can catch a chopper before it takes off, slam the car into it. Your car will be totaled but you'll be thrown clear with no damage. How? Don't know, don't care... just do it & save a rocket. Milk this stage good.
Stage 4: With all the dynamite throwers, this stage is a little dangerous for getting 50 busts so I didn't bother. Went straight for the rightmost door, using rockets to save the ladies from Kinky Pinky (10,000 per save). It's better to herd the Dumpster Men to get as many as possible with 1 rocket.
Stage 5: Didn't try to grab all the plants. Many of them are rigged to explode.
Stage 6: 50 busts wasn't a problem here. After you go inside, the HQ Posse guys will show up. They often clump together, allowing several busts in quick succession. Be ready to grab any rockets that they may drop after being dealt with.
Stage 7: The dogs had me flustered so I didn't try for 50 here. Just went in with guns blazing to end it.
Stage 8: Didn't have quite as many rockets as I wanted but still did it. At least I had several lives to tank with. There will be 2 extra lives earned during the boss battle.(25,000 pts. each time you damage him, 9 times required to kill, totaling 225,000). Stayed in the Jackpot room after taking all that gold, but left quick.

UPDATE: Tried it again. 4,829,025 pts. Leeched the hell out of the last part of stage 1 - not just for points, but also to get more clips. Didn't use the dumpster in stage 2 for herding. Stage 3 ended with a 762K bonus. This could have been 820K or better if I didn't trash some missile shots on helicopters. In stage 7, 27 busts wasn't bad. I didn't want to go for 50 & risk tangling with the damn dogs. Got an extra life while taking the gold bars (they're 850 pts. each on pickup) so I stuck around. Jackpot was 1.31M, with 1.296M in gold. Great.

Damn that random jackpot bonus. If the RNG were a bit kinder this could've been 5M easily! I've heard of the jackpot going as high as 1.63M.
Something I've had happen RARELY is getting killed from crashing the car into a helicopter, rather than being thrown out. I guess it's a lower than 10% chance.

You hear that sound of the helicopter getting ready to come out. Now you're out of missiles? No problem, you can shoot it down with the gun. All you need is... a shitload of patience & the nerves to do it. Killing it like this takes a minute at least. Jimmyqballs on Youtube has a replay with 6,388,550 pts. that takes over 81 minutes. Over half an hour is spent farming helicopters.

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Updated 20 Feb 2018 at 01:13 AM by gameoverDude

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  1. dog$'s Avatar
    Well done. Game is no joke.
  2. gameoverDude's Avatar
    Thanks, dog$. Now I've got a new record- 4,829,025.
    Tried again last night. Was sure I'd get 5M, but the RNG failed me in the Jackpot room. Only 1.128M that time, ending with 4.76M. Bummer.


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