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I finally got around to this a year later, it was a PSN *free game at the end of last year.

I liked the game, and it's really impressive for a single person. The art and animations are awesome.

The controls are basically spot on. I would say it feels similarly to Rogue Legacy for controls (very responsive), so it feels very good moving around. Overall for gameplay, it's an action game but goes very heavy on the puzzle side of everything. Many rooms are environmental puzzles you solve to move on all upgrades are used more for puzzle elements rather than attacking, and the bosses and even small enemies have tricks to figure out, and once you do they are very easy.

Each area is very linear and story driven. There are small pockets of exploration but it's very light- the secret areas barely affect your gameplay and searching for secrets is probably best done at the end of the game after you have all your abilities.

The story is probably the most interesting or divisive part. It's a very uneven mix of campy humor, serious in game story scenes, angsty characters, and in your face religious cult themes. I did not mind it, but I wouldn't fault anyone for thinking it's garbage. Overall it really feels like it was made by one person. You can see what he was going for, and he just did it, with no one to tell him what they thought should change.

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