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Post Coital

Post Coital

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I've never seen the reason to have these things. Most people just are not that interesting, and have nothing interesting to share unless they heard/read it from some other far more interesting source.
But we all want to be noticed.
We all want attention. Especially those of us who say we don't.
The only things even remotely interesting about my everyday life are the people who frequent the game shop I work at.
So I plan on filling this space with pictures and anecdotes showcasing the bold and the beautiful that step foot into my little slice of heaven.
It's fantastic because not only do I get the attention of anyone who bothers reading this, but I get to make myself feel better by mocking those around me. Win win.
So, join me and let's forget all of this was done years ago and to far funnier effect in Random Acts of Gord.

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  1. K3V's Avatar
    Fucking blogs. How do they work?
  2. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    blogs everywhere in this bitch.
  3. Wildkat's Avatar
    How about a $20 Salad?
  4. Sinista's Avatar
    More like a $5 milkshake imo.
  5. bahn's Avatar
    I <3 SSJN.


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