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Figured I'd say a few words about Mindjack

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In the far future man has developed a means of mind-control. Instead of merely being able to force someone to bring them a drink of water, this technology has gotten to the point where the most everyday of citizens will pull a gun out of their rear-end and engage in battle if somebody gets the bright idea to invade their skull. Also we can expect to see cyborg-primates, giant robots, and a multitude of other oddities.

Mindjack is a third-person quasi-competitive shooter. What's the quasi part all about? When you start the game you can opt to have up to five other players invade your game. This can work for or against you as these other players can become your allies or they'll take control of the enemy army. Each stage of this game is made up of multiple battles and the good guys win upon the death of every bad guy. The enemy succeeds if they manage to kill both of the main characters. To balance this out somewhat the main characters can revive each other and they can also use mind-control upon defeated but not quite dead enemies to bolster their ranks temporarily.

The main thing to keep in mind however is that this game is not balanced. The enemy forces typically have the advantage, whether it's by numbers, the armaments they have access to, or the layout of the stage. If the enemy rushes in, nine times out of ten they will be victorious. There is really nothing that can be done to counter this. Even if you're extremely skilled your only chance is if one of your opponents happens to have a sudden urge to use the bathroom or falls asleep because all the vicious thrashings he's dealt to you has tired him out.

You can also play this game entirely by your lonesome, which is something I don't recommend in the slightest. The main reason is because the AI in this game is perhaps the most idiotic I have seen in a videogame. To even refer to these abominations as AI is a lie, they're barely capable of performing the basic functions of walking and shooting. Okay thankfully there is a script in place where the nearest living ally will run in to revive you if you're taken down. Otherwise you should accept that your allies will be shooting at walls, will stand completely still so rockets can turn their faces into oatmeal, and if they actually manage to kill anything you'll feel like you won the lottery. Strangely at least this aspect of the game is balanced since the enemy functions at around the same level of stupidity.

If you absolutely must play every janky throw-away Japanese-developed game and have already sifted through the entirety of the past several generations, then Mindjack is the game for you. There are level-ups, wacky cyborg-gorilla shenanigans, and an unlikeable protagonist. For some that's just enough to guarantee a single play-through. The rest of us on the other hand should ignore this mess entirely.

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  1. Finch's Avatar
    I think you play a lot of janky throw-away Japanese-developed games, Pepsiman!
  2. PepsimanVsJoe's Avatar
    This is true.
  3. TobalRox's Avatar
    I have been playing this game all day with a buddy... no joke, tons of fun.


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