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I got an Apartment

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For the last little while we've been looking for places to move to in October, and some shit happened and some people didn't want to move out and this and that, but we got a place and I'm stoked.

The long and short of it is as follows:

So we started looking for apartments after we lost a roommate and renting a house was out of the question but that came with a lot of problems. First of all four of us were trying to move out together, that's two couples, and that meant we need to park four cars wherever we live. We also have between all of us two small dogs and a cat, which to me does actually sound like a lot of animals but seeing them all and knowing how small they are it's actually not a lot of animals. We also have to all fit somewhere, not hate it and have it work with school/work. So finding a place was actually really hard. Lost of the "good" places wouldn't let us have all the animals, or if they would let us have them we had to pay $50 a month for each animal as pet rent. Other places would charge $100 a piece for parking after 2 cars or just straight tell us that we had nowhere to park cars beyond two, including a complete lack of street parking. Most places charge water and trash, which is to be expected.

One place we looked at was $1400 for our two bedroom, would allow 2 pets out of three with $50 a month in pet rent and only 2 parking spaces. They also charged $80 a month for water and $20 for trash, but when we walked out the door of the office we noticed that literally across the parking lot there was another rental office, which had been behind us pulling in, for another complex. The buildings looked the same except for color, but we decided to go check them out.

When we walked in I just told the lady we had three pets and asked if it was a problem and she told me no, she also said they don't ask for pet rent. I was stoked and asked what the deal was with them and the other apartments and it turns out that the whole thing was built together then the two halves were sold to different management companies, but they all had the same floor plans. She also told us they didn't charge for water or trash and parking was unlimited in non covered spaces. We obviously jumped at applying and luckily we got the house.

I don't think I can stress how perfect this place is, our unit is specifically across from the office but facing away from it towards some nice looking houses. Next to us is the tennis court and there is just tons of open spaces at all times of all days. We spend about $200 less a month than we would have at the other half of the complex and we have new granite counter tops, all new doors, fixtures paint and cabinets because they just remodeled. It's set up so the bedrooms are on opposite sides of the apartment which is fucking perfect for us as well.

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