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Razor Ramon

TNL Sucks

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Why are blogs not more prominent? I had to dig around to find this shit.

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  1. Korian's Avatar
    I'll be blogging soon.
  2. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Stop it.
  3. Korian's Avatar
    Stop what?
  4. Korian's Avatar
    Sorry this really isn't a blog.
  5. Rated E's Avatar
    But Razor, it's in the navigation bar at the top of the page!
  6. Josh's Avatar
    sounds buried to me.
  7. YellerDog's Avatar
    This is a good blog.
  8. dog$'s Avatar
    There is no direct link to the blogs on the mobile or the featherweight style, and if you do view the blogs in those styles, the formatting is completely shot.
  9. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Rated E: I used to see it on the side. Sweet that we have it for news, but blogs were pretty visible there. I thought these blogs were gone for good.

    Korian: Blog these.

    Josh is right.


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