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Ettiquette For Dummies

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I'm a shitty fucking mood today.
It didn't start that way.
Even though it was rainy and I didn't want to get out of bed, by the time I got in my car for my hour long drive to work I was feeling pretty good.
I opened the doors to customers at 11:55 am. By 12:10 I was ready to go home.

Nine times out of ten, the only people who are at my door first thing are people needing cash. Cash for diapers, cash for smokes, cash for drugs, and cash cash cash cash. One tactic that a lot of people use that makes me laugh is that a guy will send in his "hot" girlfriend to do the selling. As if I will hand out more cash as thanks for the eye candy. People are so dumb.

So this young lady walks in with a Mafia II in her hand. We sell it used for $12.99 and so we offer $5 cash or $7 credit. I tell her this and she says, "I'll take the cash". I do the payout and hand her the money. She walks out. Less than a minute later she walks back in. "Is there anyway I can give you back the $5 and get the game back?" The thought briefly crossed my mind to tell her to fuck off. BUT I WAS IN A GOOD MOOD. So I say "Sure" and we exchange. She leaves and then I hear the BANG of something hit the window.
I go outside in time to see a guy and the girl drive off. They threw the game at the window. The case broke, but the paper work and disc were fine, so I just threw it in a new case. They just gave me the game for free. I don't get the lesson they are teaching me by saying, "We will not take your money for this game, so here, have the game for free."

Two guys and a girl walk in. One guy has a 360 controller and asks if I would buy it. I say no, sorry. I only do store credit on controllers. He gets noticeably upset and as he walks out towards the door says, "That makes no fucking sense." I say, "Too many people try to sell me broken controllers. It's not worth the hassle for us." The girl told me to shove it up my ass.

A girl walks in with an Xbox 360 hard drive transfer kit in the box. I see our price sticker on it. "Hi, my boyfriend bought this the other day, but it turned out he didn't need it so I need to return it." She hands it to me, it's clearly been opened. I tell her, "I'm sorry, but we can not accept any returns on new merchandise that has been opened." She says, "What, the guy told me I had 30 days to return it." (but I thought the boyfriend bought it) I respond, "Yes, UNopened merchandise has a 30 day return policy. This has been opened, there's nothing I can do." She calls me a dick and storms out.

Those are just a few of the lovely people I've had to deal with today. But that's the kind of shit I deal with every day, and before you all start screaming GET ANOTHER JOB, fuck off. For the most part, I like what I do, and this isn't about that. It's about the lack of decency and respect people have for one another.
When did it become socially acceptable to assault (both verbally and physically, I've dealt with both) the guy behind the counter just because you didn't get your way? You need gas money? NOT MY PROBLEM. You need money for rent? NOT MY PROBLEM. But I'm supposed to feel so bad for your inability to manage your money that I take a loss? Where's the logic in that?

Every day, people come in with games and systems and they're just beat to hell. I see so many scratched up Playstation 3 games lately. You know how hard it it to scratch a blu ray up? There's youtube videos about it. It's not impossible, but you really have to work at it. So they come in with this GARBAGE and because I won't take a chance on A)it actually working or B) someone actually wanting to buy it when it's in such poor condition I get called a motherfucker. I get called an asshole. MY GODDAMN CAR GETS KEYED. I want to scream, "TAKE BETTER CARE OF THE STUFF THAT YOU BUY AND IT MAY STILL BE WORTH SOMETHING WHEN YOU ARE DONE WITH IT." at the people, but it would do no good. They've no respect for anything.

People have become less than animals. There's no honor. There's no respect. There's no common decency, and it's not just between me and the customer. It's parents and children. I can't tell you the amount of times I've seen children screaming and hitting their parents because they won't buy them a game. OF COURSE THEY THEN BUY THE GAME. Not long ago, there was a kid who could have been no older than ten who called his mom a fucking cunt because she wouldn't buy him both Pokemon White and Pokemon Black. Does the kid get a slap in the face? No, he goes home with both goddamn games.

What the fuck is going on with us that we think this is acceptable behavior? If this keeps up, it won't be long before kids are dying in the streets and we just casually walk on by.

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  1. dog$'s Avatar
    it won't be long before kids are dying in the streets and we just casually walk on by
  2. Finch's Avatar
    Those people are RUDE.
  3. Rated E's Avatar
    Moral decay is one of my main topics of interest, so I could type a lot. But, I just can't understand why all these people have to act SO fucking miserable that they just shit all over everyone and everything they come into contact with. I get really sick of looking at so many ugly, wretched faces every day. I am even more baffled while I'm at work, and other people have the shittiest attitudes when they're suppose to be out enjoying their free time.
    Updated 24 Oct 2011 at 07:27 PM by Rated E (I felt guilty for telling people to kill themselves)
  4. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    I forgot to mention the straw that broke my back that night.
    One of the last customers I had was a woman, and she asked me if I had any used Playstation 3 systems in stock. I told her no, and with a half smile she said, "You suck."
    Normally, that wouldn't bother me. People tell each other they suck all the time. My friends and I say it constantly.
    But for some reason, it stuck with me that night. I didn't just dismiss it as whatever. I actually thought about what the woman just said to me.
    A stranger who has no familiarity with me at all just told me I suck. To finish the sentence we all leave unfinished, I suck cock.
    This cunt told me that because I don't have an item in stock, I must take male genitalia into my mouth and suckle upon it.
    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
    I think we'd be much better off if we could live by that sentiment. People waste much too much energy upon being offended. But at the same time, I think people should really consider what they are saying. I'm more offended at the fact that people don't know what they're saying than I am at the meaning of what's being said.
  5. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    how the hell has this got almost 400 views?

  6. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    Ah, back when my ignorant ass though views= real people actually looking at this stuff. I had no idea about bots. Ignorance is bliss!


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