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Last Resort 535700 pts. 1CC

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Here's my 1CC vid of Last Resort. This is all one part, 43:52. Default MVS settings are used. (difficulty 3, Lives 3, extend at 60K/130K)

I died three times on this one- twice in stage 1-4 and once on stage 2-5.

Around 25000 pts. can be gotten out of stage 5's mothership, and it could be a good place to suicide for score if you get sent back to the start of stage 5 when dying (is 600000 possible?). Loop 2 is not that much more difficult than the first. If you made it through the first time, you should be able to handle the 2nd. Just be ready for more enemy fire.

Sometime I'll have to try this on difficulty 7 (this one has "difficalty" (sic) settings of 0-7, not 1-8.

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