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Dream Journal: Entry 1

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I'm in an airport heading towards my impending flight. As I am ascending an escalator I happen to glance upwards. Past the fluorescent glow of the light fixtures I notice a room hidden in the ceiling. There are people there, naked, subtly disfigured, their skin an odd gray pallor. As I step off the escalator I see a security guard and flag him down. I explain to him that there is a room above us full of people. It seems he already knows. He tells me that people who are dying sometimes volunteer to come here and wait out their days in that room as they slowly turn to stone. Then they use them as material for the statues being sold at the gift shop, some of which happen to be on display in a nearby stand. They have a gravelly consistency and look as if they would crumble if handled. I accept his explanation and continue on my way.

Of Note: I have omitted that both the security guard and the subject of the statues were Mr. T so as to make the story significantly less stupid.

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  1. Finch's Avatar
    You sound like a Michel Gondry film, Mzo. I would watch that film...


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